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Metropolitanrepublic Uganda Wins The Loerie Award

advice geneva; font-size: small;”>The Loerie Awards are aimed at recognising, rewarding and fostering creative excellence in all areas of brand communication. This year it created new categories that encouraged entries from outside South Africa.

Alex Rukundo, Managing Director, Metropolitan Republic Uganda says a number of well established advertising agencies in Africa and very large communication groups entered campaigns which makes the win that much more meaningful for them.

“I think this is more for Uganda because it shows we’re coming of age in all we do. Also, our Client MTN who allowed us to do something creative that was insightful and would have the intended impact it did,” says Rukundo.

Metropolitan Republic Uganda was opened in 2011 when Johannesburg-based agency, Metropolitan Republic recently spread its wings into Sub-Saharan Africa venturing into Zambia, Swaziland, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and Uganda.

This was after winning the MTN account across the South and East African region.

Tracy Kakuru, the Media Relations Executive at MetropolitanRepublic Uganda, maintains the advertising agency is the first in Uganda to win the prestigious awards.

“It is a big achievement for this infant agency that has been in operation for a little under a year competing some of the continents advertising giants,” observes Kakuru.

About the winning campaign:

Early this year the Ugandan government stated that by March 2013, every SIM card in the country needs to be registered with the authorities or else it would be cancelled and the holder would lose their mobile number forever.

In a country where street names are scarce and a vast number of the population do not have ID documents or physical addresses, one’s telephone number has become integral in their identification.

In a bid to get MTN customers to register their sim cards before the deadline, Metropolitan Republic Uganda developed a campaign centered on a fictional character, David Dumba, to showcase how extremely important it is to have your SIM card registered and in turn retain one’s ‘identity’

The campaign depicts David’s old friend Steve who is desperately trying to get into contact with David to let him know that he has inherited $250m from a distant relative.

Steve starts placing his message in different ways that David might see them.

The campaign started by putting up posters in the MTN offices, to placing an advert in national papers and then TV and radio adverts were broadcasted. Finally billboards all over the country sprang up. Several Ugandans started looking for David whilst some pretended to be him by using the call to action, Steve’s cell number.

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