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Somali, AMISOM Forces On The Outskirts Of Kismayo


viagra troche "sans-serif";”> store sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;”>We need to look at the positives in the last 50 years and celebrate them. As we celebrate the positives, let us highlight the negatives and draw a plan to charter a better country that belongs to all Ugandans regardless of their political shade and tribes.

I believe that we can forgive and turn a new page of clean politics, good leadership and shun corruption because the next generation has no chance to prevail if the great vice is still eating deep in our societies and institution.

Change that will bring hope is in your hands and the power that will push the wheel of prosperity is in your democratic confinements. We need to stand up and take charge it is our time as young people of the most beautiful country in the world yes it is the pearl of Africa.

We need to tread a journey where no one will not be afraid of tomorrow but inspired by the hope that today brings in our hearts. Our forefathers will smile when they will see a united country that stands on a firm foundation of truth, honest and faith in God because this country was built on those same values.

It is now that we can look out for a greater good and tread that journey that will manifest hope and peace to all. Let us be part of a nation that will defend the rights and freedoms of all.

If we are to be successful in advocating for change then we shouldn’t be looking at which political shade or tribe it should violate, our advocacy should be for all Ugandans if we continue going on with this tendency then we will be treading the incorrect line. Change should be for all Ugandans not a select few..

For God and My Country.

buy geneva;”>Two days ago, treat an advance AMISOM force conducted an amphibious landing on the beaches north of Kismayo and has so far secured the northern parts of the city, website including the road leading to the capital Mogadishu, the Kismayo University, and the old airport. The main force is approaching the city from the North West.

Over the last one month, the joint forces have secured a string of towns and centres on the road between Afmadow and Kismayo including Miido, Bibi and Jana Cabdalla.

“The capture of Canjeel has opened the way for more of our forces to advance towards Kismayo in support of our operations there,” said AMISOM Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti on Sunday.

“Our aim is to degrade the ability of the Al?Shabaab who threaten and oppress the people of Somalia, disrupting the country’s peace process,” he added.

“As we move into the southern parts of Kismayo, we are taking every precaution necessary to minimize the impact of our operations on the civilian populace.

We have established No?Fire Zones around markets, schools, mosques and hospitals,” he said, calling on any Al?Shabaab fighters remaining in the city to lay down their arms The AMISOM Force Commander congratulated the Somali and AMISOM forces for a job well done.

“From our current location our intent is to conduct systematic pacification operations until Kismayo is secure and the people are able to conduct their business without interference,” he said.

He also urged the international community and humanitarian agencies to expedite the provision of much needed humanitarian assistance to the population in the liberated areas. “We stand ready to facilitate any such efforts to relieve the suffering of the Somali people,” he said.

As AMISOM forces continue to secure more ground, this has given an added impetus to the Somali peace process.

Today, the country has a legitimate provisional constitution as well as a broadly representative parliament. It has also held an open and competitive presidential election leading to a peaceful transfer of power, the first time that has happened in Somalia in over four decades.


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