Gen. Muntu: I Am Mobilising Funds For 2016 Presidential Polls


pills geneva; font-size: small; text-align: justify;”>This was during FDC 6th National Council Meeting on September 27 at the Party’s headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

sildenafil geneva; font-size: small;”>“I have no intentions to destabilise the party and if I had the intention, buy more about I would have done it long time ago when I had the chance to do that,” said Muntu.

General Mugisha Muntu electrifies Mbarara on 22nd sept 2012 after meeting the delegates of Ankole

“At the age of 29, I became a Major General in the Army and by then I was a member of NRA. In 2001 I joined Col. Besigye and stood strongly behind him for the presidential seat. In 2006 I myself ran for the Presidential elections but still as an FDC candidate. If I wanted to destabilise the party, I would have done it then when I had the chance but I was with the Party everywhere,” he added on.

Hundreds of youth welcomed Muntu in Mbarara

He said NRM members could be the sources behind the allegations since there is a section of people who fear to see him as FDC leader because he knows a lot about them and would probably expose them.

Maj. General Mugisha Muntu excites Masindi Municipality shortly after getting a nod from the delegates of Bulisa and Masindi

Muntu then assured FDC that another section of NRM members who know him closely would wish to see him as a leader of FDC.

“Those who saw how I used to act while still in NRM, know that I am a person of integrity, non-sectarian, do not engage in intrigue, work on merit and I am a transparent person who can build an institution. Such people would want to see me as a leader of FDC and cooperate with us to build the country,” he said.

Muntu during campaigns in western Uganda

He, however, said it is up to his FDC colleagues (the delegates) to interpret that in any way they want but he is not an NRM mole.

Apart from the allegations, he said the first phase of the campaigns which went on well is done and the second will start in November.

Bulisa and Masindi delegates endorse General Mugisha Muntu for Party Presidency

“These campaigns have given us a chance to raise the profile of the Party and prepare for the upcoming 2014 Presidential elections,” he added on.

He reacted to Col. Kizza Besigye’s statement of the Party not mobilizing funds by saying that if elected President of FDC, members of the Party will see his potential in this field.

Muntu received a heroic welcome in Mbarara

“As a leader I will be able to attract funds because I have identified with a number of people and I am involved in programmes of raising funds. If voted to power our challenge of building structures, branding the Party, the issue of training will be catered for,” promised Muntu.

Muntu says he is a democrat to the last letter of the word

“FDC should not worry about funds for the 2014 presidential elections. The delegates have a chance if they elect me as their leader.”


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