Bobi In Luxury Boat Talks @ Kabira Club


unhealthy geneva; font-size: small;”>Bobi, who arrived at Kabira at about 7pm in his escalade swaggered into the joint with his rugged crew and settled for the poolside while sipping a bottle of Guinness until the Asian walked in.

Bobi then excused himself and joined Vijay at the next table.

A Corp who was seated next to the two men overheard them talk about the Indian selling his luxury boat to the singer at Shs20m.

Barbie Kyagulanyi on a luxury boat Bobi claims ownership

However, the Bad Man from Kamwokya was offering Shs12m with a down payment of Shs5m.

It is at about this time that the singer recognized our Corp which forced him to reschedule the meeting.

We are now left wondering if the guy, who had bragged that he owned a mini yatch, wants to add a luxury boat to his water fleet.

Over to you Bobi.


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