MP Kyanjo’s Emotional Return To Parliament


this approved geneva; font-size: small;”>”The reason for my absence has been changing face. From jaw dislocation to another serious condition which is a condition that causes movement of the tongue from its position and that makes speech very painful, find ” said Kyanjo

website like this geneva; font-size: small;”>Kyanjo recently recovered steadily after a life-threatening jaw surgery in Dubai..

“It has been a heartbreaking experience to restore my full speech. Doctors have advised me to stop talking for a long time…..I can’t imagine stopping Kyanjo from speaking,” MP Kyanjo told the House.

Kyanjo attended the final stage in the budget approval process as Parliament considered budgetary allocations to each sector vote by vote.

The House in session presided over by the Speaker Rt. Hon. Kadaga Rebecca.


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