PHOTOS: Kyambadde Stops Centenary Park Demolition, Labels Musisi A Terrorist


discount geneva;”>She immediately urges the KCCA law enforcement officers to withhold the demolition exercise.

“Please stop what you are doing now. This is illegal. Why don’t you let business owners first relocate? This is unacceptable,” a visibly heartbroken Kyambadde assures KCCA officials.

Investors gather at Centenary Park to witness the demolition of their structures

Interestingly, some KCCA officials attempt to physically push her away from the scene.

Enraged by KCCA actions, Kyambadde tells the gathering that Musisi is very “insensitive and completely heartless.”

KCCA men choose to ignore her and continue demolishing structures.

But Kyambadde is not done. She further states: “Jennifer cannot act like that. These people are investors.”

“I am ordering you to stop. And stop now. I am a Minister. Stop now or I arrest all of you. Who are you? Stop it,” a furious Kyambadde attacks KCCA law enforcement officers.

Fearing the consequences of defying the Minister, KCCA officials abandon their tools “until further notice.”

Kyambadde further decries Musisi’s “terrorist” actions:

The main entrance to the Centenary Park was heavily guarded by police

“Musisi is a terrorist. Why is she spoiling President Yoweri Museveni’s popularity in Kampala? You KCCA people are nothing but thugs.”

Kyambadde promises to look into the matter “because we cannot go on like this.”

Kyambadde clarifies that all KCCA orders that tend to disrupt activities of businessmen must be endorsed by the ministry of Trade.

“We are in complete charge of the entire business community. Even this policeman who undressed and humiliated Sarah Nalongo (Godfrey Nyakana’s wife) in public has been arrested and will be penalized.”

Police maintain law and order at the scene

“You cannot just grab a woman, a mother and thrown her onto a police pick up like that. No way,” says Kyambadde.

“This is really unfair because KCCA gave Centenary Park businessmen a deadline of the October 1. Why are they demolishing the structures now?” exclaims Kyambadde.

“I condemn the violence that has been applied in this exercise. Jennifer has not been involving all stake holders. She should tone down because I have found confusion and her lack of respect for Ugandans.”

Kyambadde further states that she is not going tolerate the manner in which business community is being treated.

The remains of the demolished “The Heights Bar and Restaurant”

“Why can’t she behave in a more civilized manner? If she is civilized, we can work together. These people here get loans to start their businesses so we cannot treat them like this,” observes Kyambadde.

7:45am: KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi has made good on her threats to demolish structures at Centenary Park.

As we write this, the popular Heights Bar and Restaurant hangout in the area has already been razed down.

The demolition exercise kicked off early Thursday morning under tight security by police.

In a statement issued Thursday morning, the City Authority said: “KCCA has this morning taken charge of Centenary Park and New Taxi Park. The properties of the Tenants of Nalongo Estates Ltd have been spared from demolition for now. A formal communication to the tenants will be made in due course.”

Other businesses targeted for destruction include Choma Espresso bar and restaurant, Spice Garden Ltd, Chinese Restaurant, Olives, Effendy’s, Vitamin Café, Kidz Avenue, Centenary Unisex salon, Ice Ways, Ronah’s boutique, Diva models and Car Security gardens.

Musisi told press last week that the pulling down of such structures is meant to maintain Kampala’s remaining green belt.

However, she has been accused of exhibiting double standards, considering that other buildings such as the multi-billion Oasis Mall structure is also situated on the green belt.

The development comes hardly a week after KCCA flattened an unfinished car showroom belonging to President Yoweri Museveni’s brother commonly known as Toyota and two other structures owned by city businessman John Imaniraguha.

If Kyambadde had not intervened, KCCA would have razed down all the structures at the Park

Musisi had given owners of Centenary Park structures to quit before October 1 but it remains unclear why she took action before the deadline.

According to Musisi, wetland encroachment has escalated since 2009 in the areas of Bugolobi, Luzira, Kinawataka, Kyambogo, Kansanga, Lugala, Namungoona, Busega and Nateete thus leading to flooding in Kampala during heavy rains.

Musisi said KCCA has been able to identify some notable encroachers among others who have without necessary permits from KCCA continued with the act of degrading the wetlands.


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