USL Outs Revised 10-team Fixtures


about it geneva;”>This is a result of the prevailing animosity between USL managers and local soccer body, online Fufa, decease who some delegates have challenged its validity basing on a claim that they forged some clauses in the 2012 constitution.

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As such some clubs are facing split loyalty while others have declared their allegiance outright.

USL say ten clubs will play in their league, nine of whom have actually already played in the opening two rounds of the 2012/13 season.

Interestingly, too, some clubs have registered, or have had different factions register at both the USL and Fufa Super League (FSL), which is due to kick off on Tuesday.

However, some of those clubs with split loyalties are legally incorporated with the registrar of companies and at the USL while the same clubs under similar or the same names at FSL are not corporate entities.

Express and SC Villa for example are legally incorporated as the rules of the game require while but some other clubs registered at the same or similar names at FSL are not limited companies.

SC Villa and Express are among the nine teams that have already played in the Bell Super League.

URA, Police, KCCA, Proline, Victoria University are the clubs not drawn in the new USL first round fixtures.

The other is Vipers, who apparently changed name from Bunnamwaya. But according to the USL and registrar of companies records, the change of name was never legally effected, thus the continued presence of Bunnamwaya in the USL, albeit, without any of the players that featured for the club last season.

A number of clubs have also come up with two sets of teams, with one to feature in the FSL and another in the USL, the latter reportedly for commercial reasons.

Bell Super League action according to the released fixtures continues this Friday with two games lined up.

Express face Kira Young at Nakivubo looking to recover from the opening day defeat to Maroons while Simba host Victors at Bombo.

Bell Super League fixtures

Friday, September 28

Express FC vs Kira Young FC, Nakivubo 4:30pm

Simba FC vs Victors FC, Bombo

Saturday, September 29

Entebbe Young FC vs SC Villa Nakivubo, 3:00pm

Friday, October 05

Entebbe Young FC vs Express FC, Luzira, 4:30pm

Victors FC vs Maroons FC, Kakindu,

Saturday, October 06

Simba FC vs Water FC, Bombo, 3:00pm

SC Villa Kira vs Young FC, Nakivubo


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