Museveni Denies Russia War Planes Deal

pilule geneva;”>cheapest "sans-serif";”>Speaking to the media at Rwakitura on Monday, for sale Museveni, however, did not rule out purchasing the war planes in future “as the country continues with the process of building a viable modern air force.”

“We have not signed any agreement for new jets, but when we get good terms in future, we shall continue building our army,” said Museveni.

Chimpreports last Friday reported government was in talks with Russian state arms export company Rosoboronexport with the view to purchase six more Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter jets to beef up Uganda’s security.

Rosoboronexport’s Deputy Director Alexander Mikheyev said today during an arms exhibition in South Africa that Uganda signed its first contract to buy six Su-30MK2 fighters this year.

“Now, we are talking about an option, the Ugandans expressed interest in buying another six aircraft of this type,” he stated, according to Russia website,

But Museveni said: ““We might not be able to finish all these this financial year, but if we can tackle two or three, it will be fine,” he said.

The President clarified that Uganda would soon raise money to adequately fund defence, railways, scientific innovations and electricity.

During the interaction, Museveni urged Ugandans to work hard and save money for investments.

“I have never seen a beautiful country like Uganda. There is an ideological problem. People want to be something else. The Chinese save 52% of their earning. Expensive lifestyle is not good. How come Indians who came here when they were poor are now employing you?” he wondered:

Museveni said living an expensive lifestyle is not good.

“How come Indians who came here when they are poor are now employing you?

I bought Rwakitura land without a loan. Why don’t you save? Can you imagine somebody borrows money for parties? Why don’t you use it to invest?” Museveni asked.

“I bought this land (Rwakitura) from earnings of teaching when I was around 21 when I was a teacher. My colleagues were in Mbarara learning how to dance. The media should advise Ugandans to learn to save. I don’t see why I should get myself drunk.”

The President said the Ministry of Defence is already underfunded “but we shall get funds for both defence and health. It’s all about careful prioritization”

Museveni said the “neutral force” set to be deployed soon to battle rebels in Eastern Congo would be funded by United Nations.

He said Congo rebels are less dangerous than Al Shabaab.

Regarding developments in the city, Museveni said he was yet to “comprehensively” evaluate Musisi’s achievements though he agreed she was doing a good job.

“Kampala is a bit cleaner than in the past. I no longer see floods at Clock Tower. Even the garbage along Entebbe Road which I use a lot has been cleared.”

Museveni said he was looking at consolidating peace and security; improving roads and railway plus scientific innovations courtesy of oil money.

The President said with a wholly educated nation, industrialized society with modern services such as agriculture, Uganda will be a first world country in 50 years.

Regarding increment of salaries for teachers and policemen, Museveni called for patience.

“We have demands for salaries but also for infrastructure. But now that we are about to get our oil revenue, we intend to have tax revenue deal with salaries while oil revenue is channeled into infrastructure,” he observed.

He listed peace and security, high literacy levels, discovery of oil, democracy and electricity production as some of the NRM achievements.

Museveni offered to foot a $30,000 (about sh75m) bill on behalf of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) to screen live a football match that pits Uganda Cranes against Zambia at Mandela National Stadium on October 13.

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