FUFA Under Fire Over High Zambia-Cranes Match Fee

what is ed geneva;”>FUFA is charging Shs75, 000 for VIP, Shs40, 000 for ordinary section and those who are interested in gold tickets will have to part with Shs120, 000.

The tickets hit the market last week.

But while most Ugandans are big fans of the national team – the Cranes, they have expressed their outrage especially during sports talk shows on radio stations and even on social networks that the charges are exploitative.

Ugandans have been paying less than Shs20, 000 for such international matches.

FUFA’s decision to suddenly hike the charges – to almost double – enraged the nation, despite claiming they had chartered Air Uganda to airlift players to Zambia for the first leg.

Below is FUFA’s statement in full:

To our esteemed fans, there have been raised voices over the charges at the gates for the Zambia game.

As FUFA we are very sensitive to the fans of the Uganda Cranes but we can only raise our issues in a more calm manner because may be there are matters you may not know that exist.

40,000 include Shs7200 kept for URA as VAT.

It is not money taken by Mulindwa but Government. FIFA and CAF take 6% or another Shs2400 and this is 10,000 already off.

In the past, FUFA has been paying VAT on the stadium hire expense, now URA has registered FUFA for VAT and URA agents are at the gates to collect serial numbers of each ticket and compute their money which they promptly collect

FUFA also pays the Uganda Police for Security and Pay Namboole for the Stadium Hire

In the last 6 months, FUFA has transported the national teams (Contingent of 25) to 9 different African countries by air.

Now nobody was asking how the teams traveled to Congo B, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Angola, Egypt, S. Sudan, DRC and Zambia.

With all these huge costs, taxes etc FUFA is not indebted. Where does this money come from??

Has anybody considered asking Government to waive the taxes or Namboole to be used without charges or not to pay the police to provide security for Ugandans who are already paying taxes elsewhere?

Uganda is the only country in the world where the Government collects taxes instead of financing

It might be in the in-thing to bash FUFA but it is not the solution.


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