Photos: Jose Chameleone’s Bungee Jump


The Valu Valu hit star took the terrifying leap from off a platform in Jinja, tadalafil http://colosseo.com.br/wp-includes/class-wp-site-query.php as the group continued their domination of the social scene.

Chameleone could be the first musician to make the heroic jump into the Nile in recent modern history.

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And the singer did not disappoint his fans. He bragged that he was the conqueror of the Nile after the stomach-churning jump was captured on camera.

Below are the hot shots.

The singer makes stunning diving drills

Chameleone does a 360 degrees while air bone

The musician tries out a failed 180 degrees stunt

The moto moto singer lets go of the rope and hangs on to the safety loops

The Valu star brags after a successful dive

chameleon displays a unique style while diving

The singer is helped to board a boat

Chameleone waves afrer landing successfuly on the boat


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