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Police Commandos Storm Buziga Residence, Rescue Kidnapped Indian Woman

web geneva;”>The woman (identity concealed on police request) was seized by a group of Pakistani mafia on Friday and held in Buziga, where police found her arms and legs tied.

IGP Lt Gen Kale Kayihura told press at the Police Forensic laboratory in Naguru, on Saturday that the woman got a call from a Pakistani who claimed to be interested in carrying out a business transaction with her.

She was lured from her work place in Old Kampala to Embassy Supermarket in Kabalagala.

However, as it turned out, it was a trap to kidnap her for a $70,000 (approximately Shs175m) ransom.

The unsuspecting victim was grabbed, forced into a car and taken to Buziga in a house rented from a one Dr Buwembo Kakande,

A case was reported at Police.

However, on realizing the involvement of Pakistanis, it was decided the search be carried out by Special Investigations Unit while the Counter Terrorism squad would attack the house.

Armed with deadly weapons, gas masks, sniffer dogs and bomb detection equipments, the commandos on Saturday raided the mansion before rescuing the captive, in just minutes.

Rafaqat Muhammed, who was found guarding the kidnapped woman, was reportedly overwhelmed by commandos’ military capabilities. He surrendered.

One of the suspected kidnappers, Rafaqat Abdi Hamid was arrested in the process of rescuing her.

His alleged accomplice, Sarfraz Anwal, is still at large.

“By around 07:00pm on Saturday the victim was found in a two roomed house in Buziga, a Kampala suburb. She was tied and mugged,” said Kayihura.

Kayihura said kidnapping is also an act of terrorism.

“All this is because of illegal immigrations,” Kayihura observed.

This is the latest kidnap incident in recent history.


Kayihura said for the sake of national security, there will be serious security check of house to house, especially in the city.

“All these houses with high-wall fences will be checked. Terrorism is not a joke. I appeal to all local authorities to embrace this exercise,” urged Kayihura.

The IGP said such suspected terrorists have lived in Uganda as illegal immigrants and it appears many people have already fallen victims of the same group.

They are about eight suspected terrorists from Pakistan that have entered the country, according to Police.

He said the Pakistan mafia accessed the country on the pretext of studying but ironically one could not tell the location of KIU (Kampala International University) where he purportedly studied from and could not speak English.

The Police boss further said such elements target senior people, politicians, businessmen and women, large groups in a bid to raise money for their terrorist activities.

He also appealed to the public to be vigilant and assist police in the arrest of the remaining members of this terrorist group.

In relation to the above, the IGP vowed to reinforce community policing as the only way of fighting crime.

He pointed out the community-policing model at Muyenga where all data concerning the residents is stored in a data bank is good for the country.


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