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Gen. Kayihura Speaks Out On Foiled Muslim Protests

treat geneva;”>“I want to thank the Muslim community , they wanted to disrupt peace in the city about the film but I met them on Thursday and we agreed that it’s not necessary to cause violence in Kampala,” The Inspector General of Police, made the remarks while addressing the media at Forensic laboratory, Naguru, a Kampala suburb on Saturday.

Lt. Gen. Kayihura revealed that the Muslim community, especially the leaders cooperated with Police Force, by talking to the youths who had planned to cause chaos in the city on Friday.

The Muslims had threatened to storm the US Embassy in Nsambya after the Friday prayers, a situation that compelled police to tighten security in the city.

Kayihura said the youths heard what their elders told them not to participate in any wrong activities.

He added that there was no chaos in Kampala on Friday as planned by the Youths and instead went to the Mosque and prayed peacefully.

At least 30 people have been killed in the past week in violence protests against an anti-Islam video clip produced in US and posted on YouTube.

The victims include US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, who died of smoke inhalation following an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.


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