Centenary Bank, Balton Uganda Unveil Irrigation Equipment To Farmers


try "sans-serif";”>The 21-year-old British service woman had not realized she was pregnant until she complained of stomach pains. The child who was conceived before she arrived in Afghanistan in March was born five weeks prematurely, prescription BBC News reports.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the woman who is a Royal Artillery gunner has not been named yet is said to be in a stable state with her baby.

The UK MoD commented that it is not military policy to allow servicewomen to deploy on operations if they are pregnant.

A Specialist Paediatric team from Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital is said to fly to Afghanistan in the next few days to provide care for the mother and baby on their flight home, BBC News reports

According to BBC defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt, up to 200 servicewomen have been sent home since 2003 from Iraq and Afghanistan when it was discovered they were pregnant, although Last year another female British soldier gave birth two weeks after returning from her six month deployment in Afghanistan.

Further said that this unusual case may fuel further debate over whether more medical checks are needed before the armed forces deploy women to the front lines.

The irrigation equipment, capsule referred to as the Farmer’s Kit, stuff is a complete set of tools comprising of the highest quality farming inputs for growing crops both in the open field and indoors.

It consists of a farmer’s green house, drip irrigation system, water tank of 500liters, farmer’s sprayer, seeds, nursery set, fertilizers, agro chemicals as well as training (including health and safety) and professional agronomic support for one season of 8 months.

“The technology will provide an opportunity for small-scale farmers with relatively small capital investments to improve economic conditions for income security and nutritional levels through enhancing food sufficiency,” said Bolton Uganda’s managing director Shiff Zeev at the launch of the Farmer’s Kit in Kampala on September 20, 2012.

Centenary Bank will enable customers who wish to purchase the Farmer’s Kit to access affordable finance from any of its 57 branches across the country through the new Irrigation Credit Scheme.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Mr Fabian Kasi, managing director Centenary Bank said, customers who wish to acquire the Farmer’s Kit through the bank, will need only Shs9 million to buy the irrigation equipment.

“Our customers will be able to save up to Shs3 million if they choose to acquire the Farmers’ Kit through the Centenary Bank Irrigation Credit Scheme besides accessing credit at a lower interest rate.”

In addition, Centenary Bank will provide extension services and agronomists to each borrower.

This new initiative affirms Centenary Bank’s commitment to enhancing Uganda’s economic development by promoting agriculture, as the number lender to the sector.

The bank’s loan portfolio stands at Shs540 billion with 19% of this going to agriculture compared to 6% of the entire banking industry.

Lending to the agriculture sector has been on a steady rise because Centenary Bank is cognizant of the fact that agribusiness is the leading source of wealth creation in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

Last year, Centenary Bank disbursed approximately Shs88 billion to 26,700 farmers compared to approximately Shs66 billion to over 21,000 farmers in 2010.


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