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Sebaggala Storms MTN Headquarters

The Presidential Advisor in charge of general duties is demanding the money from the telecom company for using his voice as a tune without his authorization.

He alleges that without his consent , viagra 100mg MTN used his voice in the ringtones therefore sued the Telecom Company claiming it is an infringement on his copyright and MTN used them as a marketable way to get profits.

On July 13, Sebaggala filed a Suit at the Commercial Court in Kampala against MTN through WEB Advocates and Solicitors demanding all proceeds collected from the ringtones. Each caller tune which is valid for 30 days costs Shs500.

The date of the hearing is yet to be fixed.

Sections of the media reported that Sebaggala demands an audit to ascertain all money collected by MTN and all proceeds received by the MTN from the use of the Plaintiff’s copyright and the delivery of the same to the plaintiff.

Sebaggala says those speeches were said in the past with the latest being one year ago at the Parliament and he is much of a public figure and should be consulted before using anything about his life.

He also says that MTN and the purchaser of the ringtone are in a group and the advantage of this relationship is unacceptable in the free and fair progressive market economies

According to the Uganda Communications Act (UCA), a person who sustains loss or damage as a result of any act or omission contrary to UCA may sue and recover for the loss or damage suffered. However Uganda’s courts lack adequate capacity to address privacy issues.

Copyright infringement means unauthorized use of works owned by a copyright holder who enjoys exclusive rights.


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