First Ever “Art at Work” Exhibition Underway In Kampala

help geneva;”>Visionary Africa-Art at Work is an itinerant urban exhibition of contemporary African artistic practices organized by the European Commission jointly with the Palais-des Beaux-Arts(Centre for Fine Arts) in Brussels and in cooperation with the African Union, including artist residences, showcases of local artists, and workshops on art and development in modern urban centers in Africa.

Ambassador Roberto Ridolifi said the aim of this exhibition is to further provide, through the work of artists, a snapshot of transformations that have occurred on the African continent during the last half century as well as put its future development into perspective.

The pair made the remarks during a press conference on Monday at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

Hon. Rukia Nakadama said this will be a venue of artists in Uganda to showcase their work and give them and give an opportunity to Ugandans to appreciate artists and their work.

“The Uganda Cultural Gala will provide knowledge on the history of our culture and development, the role of culture in sustainable peace, eradication of poverty, social economic and cultural integration,” said Hon. Nakadama.

This exhibition is also an activity in celebration of the Uganda Golden Jubilee 2012 and its intent is to focus on the importance of culture and creativity as a motor for development.

The Ambassador said that several activities will take place during this period including a Regional conference on art and architecture in urban development at Kampala City Hall on September 18, Art at Work pavilion opening at Kampala Railways Station Garden, a workshop on artistic curatorial practices at the Uganda Museum on September 20 and a joint artistic performance at the pavilion ground within the framework of the “Year of EU-China Intercultural Dialogue” on September 28.

“Ghanaian architect David Adjaye has designed the exhibition pavilion installed in the gardens opposite the Kampala Railway Station, which will house several exhibits, free to the public,” said the Ambassador.

The Minister concluded by saying that this will bring together the diverse cultures and tribes through the various cultural gala activities and create new opportunities for all Ugandans to respect each other and promote inter-cultural learning.


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