Zari Gets Death Threats


sildenafil cheap http://coaltrailresidences.com/components/com_k2/helpers/route.php geneva;”>Aged 24, abortion http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php he was shot in the head and chest by unidentified gunmen in the district of Nasib Bundo and died on the spot, unhealthy becoming the ninth journalist to be murdered this year in Somalia.

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For the time being, it is impossible to say whether Moallim was killed in connection with his work. His father, Mohamed Mohamud, is also a journalist and works for Radio Mogadishu.

“The new president, Hassan Sheik Mohamud, needs to appreciate the gravity of the situation for journalists in his country, the deadliest in Africa for the media,” Reporters Without Borders said.

“By ordering an immediate probe into this freelance cameraman’s death and by giving the investigators the resources they need to arrest and punish those responsible, the president would demonstrate his and his government’s determination to combat the impunity enjoyed by the murderers of journalists until now.

“The protection of media workers should be one of the new government’s priorities as the regularity with which they are attacked is liable to encourage even more self-censorship or drive them into exile. Somalia is already a media black hole and news coverage could disappear altogether if nothing is done to end this spiral.”

Journalists have been killed at the rate of one a month this year in Somalia.

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“Zari is frightened. She wants to see a change in her life. Her priority now is securing her life. She feels so insecure these days in company of Ssemwanga,” confirmed a pal in a message to our Corps.

The business woman has in the past been reported in several bitter brawls with Ssemwanga.

In some cases, the glamour girl has sustained minor injuries and also expressed her disappointment with the manner in which she is being treated by her husband he was engaged to last year at a colourful ceremony in Kampala.

Ivan arrives for Zari’s Kwanjula in Kampala last year

Now, a few days ago, Ssemwanga reportedly intimidated Zari that her life was in danger.

“You better post it all over, wherever and stop intimidating and threatening to kill me…coward,” a furious Zari posted on her Facebook page last Friday before boarding the Kampala-bound plane

“There you have it! If I am smoked out you know who the prime and 1st suspect in my murder will be.

Zari and hubby Ivan Ssemwanga, with kids at Manchester United academy in London

Heard you bought me the best casket to match my cute face, wow!” said a troubled Zari.

We are informed Zari was deeply upset by the threats thus deciding to spend the better part of the weekend at her Jewelry shop at Garden City, Kampala recuperating from stress.

Zari relaxes at her home in South Africa

In the night, Zari would travel to her mother’s residence in search of moral support.

“She was disgusted by the abuse because it was not only sinister but hugely scary,” recounts a friend.

“When she heard the threats, Zari straight away wanted to protect herself by publicizing them on Facebook.”

Zari appears at The Sporah Show in UK in July

We reported last week that one of the reasons that set Zari/Ssemwanga’s relationship on fire were reports that she was secretly dating Isaac Lugudde, a basketball player with LK4 in Kampala.

Zari wrote to Chimpreports dismissing the allegations as untrue and groundless.

As we write, a grief-struck Zari is on her way back to South Africa.

The musician recently spent some good time at her mum’s place in Kampala

The singer owns one of the latest rides in the region

One of the Range Rover Sport cars owned by Zari

Zari and her kids enjoy Uganda ‘muchomo’

Zari heads out for cocktails


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