Gen. Muntu Attacks Museveni In Eastern Uganda

Muntu’s grand welcome in Sebei land – Kapchorwa

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sick geneva;”>Muntu would address mammoth rallies before holding special meetings with FDC Delegates at Hotels.

Muntu has carefully avoided a smear campaign, sticking to issues that affect the common man and explaining to FDC leaders why his presidencywill turn around the party’s fortunes and eventually capture power in 2016

Bugisu delegates pause for a photo with Mugisha Muntu

Gen Muntu told Bugisu delegates that change is possible if they all rally behind him for the party’s presidency.

The retired UPDF General maintained he was among a few whose public service career is not tainted by corruption allegations.

The FDC Chief mobilizer further noted that Uganda is ripe for change but needs focused leadership to seize power.

Gen. Muntu in Sebei

He attributed FDC’s failure to remove Museveni from power partly to lack of ample resources – which he promised to mobilize during his reign as party president.

Muntu pledged to “use methods that unite the people rather than methods that divide the party.”

“I am a national Leader. In politics I am a marathon runner, I don’t fidget and that’s why I will not provoke anybody nor be provoked,” said Muntu in reference to his rival Nandala Mafabi’s camp that recently embarked on a smear campaign.

“Dear Delegates do not be provoked on my behalf, we shall run to the end and we shall win,”- Gen Muntu inspired delegates.

Muntu is facing the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi and MP Geoffrey Ekanya.

Muntu in Bugishu region

Speaking to delegates of Bugisu sub-region, Muntu said: “You have tested me twice and I have proved that I can manage failure, maybe it is important that you test the others on failure management as you kindly test me with success. Even Gold is only admired after a thorough heating process.”

“Don’t vote for me because I have failed twice. I am not asking for your vote out of sympathy, if you did that, it would be an insult; I am asking your vote out of merit,” he further stated.

Briefing delegates in Tororo district in Eastern Uganda, Muntu blasted Museveni for being corrupt:
“Museveni, Dr. Besigye, and I – General Mugisha Muntu come from the western part of the country but we are different. Otherwise if we were the same we would be with him looting this country.”

He said even twins behave differently: “For example Museveni divides and I unite. He tells lies and I tell the truth even when it affects me. He is a dictator and I am a democrat to the last letter of the word.”


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