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INTELLIGENCE FILES: Inside Assassination Plot Against Somalia President

for sale http://crfg.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-delete-media-endpoint.php geneva;”>Three days had passed after his election as President, stomach having defeated incumbent Sheikh Ahmed Sharif in an open, doctor free and fair election.

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Dozens of international journalists were subsequently accredited for Mohamud’s first press conference as President of the war-torn country.

So as early as 8:00am, several journalists had turned up at the Hotel.

They were waiting for Mohamud’s address after meeting Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister Prof. Sam Ongeri who had brought a congratulatory message from President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenya Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Ongeri also survived an assassination attempt targeting President Mahmud

Regional Intelligence shows that Mohamud had chosen the Hotel as his residence before he could be transferred to the heavily fortified State House in Mogadishu.

At the Hotel were over 30 heavily armed troops and three armored vehicles guarding the Head of State.

A military intelligence sources tells Chimp Intelligence Desk that after journalists had already taken their seats, three suicide bombers approached the Hotel’s premises.

The Uganda-led AMISOM had deployed 11 spies to monitor the environs of the plush hotel.

According to a knowledgeable source, one of the terrorists intended to detonate an explosive at the Hotel to cause commotion which would be exploited by his colleagues to storm the press conference before killing Mohamud and all the journalists.


So moments after three strangers (suicide bombers) arrived, three AMISOM soldiers stepped forward to ask for identification particulars as part of security precautions in place.

The terrorists were dressed shabbily, which also raised suspicion, since the hotel accommodates VIPS.

However, the well-trained VIP Protection Team of AMISOM realized that the strangers were up to something – considering that one of them was walking at a terrific speed, leaving a huge gap between his accomplices who were following him.

“These people arrived together at the Hotel but we got suspicious of their movements. They were skillfully scattering themselves to maximize damage. AMISOM intelligence personnel quickly identified them as wrong people,” recounts an impeccable security source who has been briefed about the incident.

The Commander of the AMISOM team that was protecting Mohamud subsequently sent a radio call message to three guards at the main entrance of the Hotel to intercept the strange men.

In just a twinkle of an eye, the man who was leading the suicide bombers blew himself up, killing one AMISOM officer and fatally injuring two others.

The second suicide bomber also detonated bombs in his chest. Fragments injured three hotel staff.

The AMISOM VIP team then opened fire thus killing the third terrorist as he scaled the high walls of the hotel compound.

Security was subsequently tightened at the Hotel and a few hours later Mohamud was transferred to State House.

The President was in no danger and continued to calmly address the media.

A Kenya Defence Forces jet was also dispatched to fly Ongeri and his delegation out of the troubled country.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti paid tribute to the courage of his soldiers.

“The enemies of peace will not be allowed to spoil this historic moment for the people of Somalia who on Monday successfully completed the transition to representative government.”

He reaffirmed AMISOM’s commitment to continue working with the new government and the people of Somalia to help secure peace and stability in the country.

It’s feared the assassination of Mohamud would have plunged the country into another era of anarchy.

The Al Shabaab later claimed responsibility for this heinous incident.

“We are responsible for the attack against the so-called president and the delegation,” al-Shabab spokesperson Ali Mohamud Rage said.

The lifeless body of one of the suicide bombers at the attacked Hotel


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