Ministry Of Health To Declares Uganda Ebola-Free In October


viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>The Director General of Health Services, Dr. D.K.W Lwamafa, said the country is currently in a post Ebola Surveillance Phase which continuously monitors the situation to ensure that the Ebola transmission cycle has been broken and that there is no likelihood of occurrence of any new cases.

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The Post Ebola Surveillance countdown period is a prerequisite of the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria which requires any affected country to monitor the Ebola situation for a period of 42 days after the last discharged patient case before finally declaring that the outbreak is over.

“The last patient in Kibaale was allowed to go home on 24th August,” said Lwamafa.

The Ministry of Health, however, informs the general public that while the period of active infection is over, the country continues to monitor the situation to ensure that there is no risk of yet another outbreak.

Lwamafa added that the isolation facility set up to accommodate confirmed cases has been transformed into a permanent structure at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale district and the Ministry of Health surveillance team is currently stationed in Arua district to monitor the Ebola situation on the Congo side of the border.

“The Ministry of Health assures the public that the country is safe for all people including foreigners intending to travel in and out of the country. The ban earlier put in place against holding public rallies and shaking of hands in Kibaale district was finally lifted after it was confirmed that the risk of transmission was no longer a public health threat,” Lwamafa said in a statement on Friday.

He concluded by saying that the Ministry reassures the public that everything is under control to ensure that the outbreak is finally contained and declared over in the near future.


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