MPs, Mbabazi Clash On Raising Shs260bn For Health sector


visit this geneva; font-size: small;”>MPs Ibrahim Ssemuju, Gerald Karuhanga, Theodore Ssekikuubo and Chris Baryomunsi exchanged hot words with Mbabazi who turned down their demands to cut funding to Uganda Bureau of Standards, Defence and Electoral Commission to raise Shs260bn for the limping health sector.

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The MPs threatened to block the passing of the budget if the Executive does not heed their calls, arguing the health sector was in urgent need of funds to recruit 6,000 more health workers and also motivate them by a 50% salary increment.

The Budget committee called for budget cuts and prioritization in expenditure this financial year.

Mbabazi said government supports efforts to raise drug supplies and manpower for the health sector, adding, Parliament should desist from proposing budget cuts on other government bodies.

“Some of these areas are critical areas of state function which may endanger the security of the nation. I propose to the House to take a closer look at all other areas without crippling the state and prejudicing the security of the country,” said Mbabazi.

“We must all be united when raising funds for a common purpose. We are very conscious of the status of our health care and want a solution to this,” he further noted.

But MPs said Amolatar district has failed to attract medical workers which has affected the delivery of health services to the area.

Kasanda MP Godfrey Lubega said: “It is wrong to deny our people access to health services. MPs are being forced into buying ambulances for the people they represent. Government should wake up.”

Chris Baryomunsi called for urgent action to save the health sector. “If you collapsed in any corner of Uganda you may hardly survive”.

He demanded government commitment to find funds even through supplementary budget to adequately fund the health sector.

Another MP said the health sector was in a dire situation to an extent that 61 health workers in Kyankwanzi have not received any government salary for four months.

Meanwhile, the Budget Committee tasked government to address discrepancies in salaries and allowances among different government Commissions, Bodies and Agencies.

It also called for an independent salary review Commission to harmonize salaries and allowances across the board.

Proposed budget cuts to the following areas meant to raise 39.2billion to fund gaps in health sector;

Travel inland-7bn

Travel abroad-2bn

Goods and services-2bn




Staff trainning-3bn



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