USL Sticks To Its Guns On Kick-off

dosage geneva;”>Fufa’s current executive, whose legality is being challenged by SC Villa chairman and interim USL president Fred Muwema, are adamant the “legitimate” top tier league starts on September 25.

Muwema and his team argue that article 85, clauses 2 and 3, that give Lawrence Mulindwa’s Fufa (executive) power to stay put until elections next year were just inserted in the new constitution passed last month and not deliberated upon by delegates, thus rendering his stay in office illegal.

The animosity arose from Mulindwa’s Fufa apparently withdrawing the mandate to run the national league from the USL, allowing for a new body, Fufa Super League (FSL), to run the topflight competition.

Since then, the USL has contested furiously, insisting they are rightfully the league managers and have gone ahead to confirm the two fixtures on Friday, with two games involving Express against Maroons and SC Villa hosting Masaka, lined up at Namboole.

These are a carbon copy of events that characterized the start of last season. Just like then, USL chairman Kavuma Kabenge is adamant they have their own referees. But then, games officiated by non-Fufa sanctioned referees then were replayed.

“We are moving on with preparations save a few distractions,” Kavuma Kabenge, USL chairman and Express patron, told

“Games will be there and teams will play. We are ready for kick-off on Friday,” insisted Muwema, the SC Villa Chairman.

However, both USL and FSL are claiming they have at least 10 of the 16 clubs to play in their league.

“Our role is to help the Fufa Super League board get started and our starting date for the new season remains September 25,” said Fufa competitions committee secretary Decolas Kiiza.

“14 of the 16 clubs have finished registration with us. Only SC Villa and Maroons are yet to comply.”

The confusion risks the league losing out on sponsorship lest it’s ended quickly. SuperSport International and the Uganda Super League Limited, which comprises of 16 topflight clubs, last year entered a five-year Shs13b ($5m) broadcast deal.

Shortly after, Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) also penned a three-year Shs2.2b title sponsorship deal, with both pacts seeing topflight clubs get a combined package of Shs68m last season.

Both SuperSport and UBL have so far released part of the 2012/13 sponsorship package to the USL.

Conditions UBL have handed to Fufa/USL before recommitting to sponsorship

• Need duly registered resolutions (with registrar general) transferring the rights, duties and obligations of USLL to FSLL and strict adherence to the rights of title sponsor (UBL) and broadcast partner (SuperSport)

• The new management structure of FSLL clearly showing defined administrative roles and accountability for management of the league

• Proof of handover from USLL management to FSLL

• Draft deeds of transfer and surrender (by USLL) to FSLL of past, present and continuous rights, duties and obligations under the contracts we executed with USLL for our consideration and eventual signature

• Clarity on superintendence (supervision) over management of the league in view of the controversy by formation of an interim Fufa committee

• Proof of incorporation of FSLL and copies of the incorporation documents.

• A signed agreement or MoU between Fufa and FSLL on the rights, duties and obligations relating to/arising from the mandate from Fufa to FSLL to run the league


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