Minister: Time To Embrace Culture As Uganda Celebrates Golden Jubille

hon.sulaiman madada

illness http://center4research.org/wp-includes/registration-functions.php geneva;”>“If we want to live in harmony in Uganda, look we must appreciate each other’s culture,” he said.

The Uganda Cultural Gala is slated to take place at the Lugogo Cricket Oval from 3 to 8 October in preparation for the celebration of 50 years Independence on the 9 October 2012 and the theme is “Bridging Cultural Divide: A Strategy to Embrace Collective National Independence”.

The minister said that this Cultural Gala will provide Knowledge on the history of Uganda’s culture and development, the role of culture in sustainable peace, eradication of poverty, social economic and cultural integration.

“It will further promote Pan Africanism and Cultural renewal, job creation, income generation and networking among others,” said Madada.

Madada said that it will bring together the diverse cultures and tribes through the various gala activities and create new opportunities for all Ugandans to accept and respect one another and promote inter-cultural learning.

The minister added that the Gala will cultivate and strengthen beneficial relationships between culture and peace, culture and development, culture and education and in the end unearth new paths for installing a strong and sustainable social cohension and progress that rhymes with the National resources.

Madada expressed that the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development in collaboration with African Union/European Union Commission, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Uganda Cultural Gala Ltd, Bayimba Cultural Foundation, Kampala City Council Authority, National Theatre and Women’s Organizations are glad to be part and parcel of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2012.

He concluded by saying that this will be a good foundation for social and economic transformation in Uganda.


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