Zari Opens Heart On Star Lugudde Romance Rumour

Despite being engaged to Ivan Ssemwanga, http://cowlitzfamilyhealth.org/wp-admin/includes/media.php word spread last week that Zari was trying to move on and make a romantic future with Lugudde following a recent case of domestic violence in which she was reportedly assaulted by musician’s hubby.

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Chimp Corps reported that on August 25, men, reportedly sent by Ssemwanga, attacked Lugudde who was hanging out with Zari at Boda Boda, a Kampala hangout at Garden City.

Lugudde told us: “It’s true; Zari and I were caught at Boda Boda by Ivan’s private detectives.”

But in an email to our Entertainment desk, Zari says: “Hi, no I am not dating him, or anyone.”

Zari’s response ends the speculation that all along she had feelings for the Lugudde.

Zari says she is not dating Lugudde

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Lugudde was reportedly “caught” with Zari at Boda Boda hangout in Kampala

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