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Uganda Congratulates New Somalia President Despite Assassination Attempt


Agencies reported an explosion occurred outside Jazeera Palace Hotel in Mogadishu where the newly elected Somali president was meeting with Kenya’s foreign minister Ongeri.

Mahmud was elected on Monday by Members of Parliament, defeating the incumbent Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

The President and his guest escaped unhurt.

The attack occurred just as Mahmud and Ongeri were planning to address a press conference.

Two suspected suicide bombers were reportedly gunned down after the blast.

In a meeting with the British High Commissioners to Uganda Alison Blackburne in Kampala on Wednesday, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Henry Okello Oryem said as a “country, Uganda respects the will of the people of Somalia.”

Oryem said Uganda congratulates Somalia upon the election of Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawaari as speaker of the Somali Federal parliament which he said is a very important and significant milestone towards the achievement of sustainable peace and stability in Somalia.

He observed that the election of the Speaker and the president were carried out in a free, fair and transparent manner which is a sign that the people of Somalia are ready to work towards peace stability and development in their country.

Alison said the British government was interested in what is happening in Somalia and will continue to exchange with Uganda towards contributing stability and security in Somalia.


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