Carson To Brief Uganda Scribes On U.S’ New Strategy Toward Sub-Sahara Africa


The Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Africa on July 31 through August 10 2012.

During this trip, nurse the Secretary emphasized U.S. policy commitments outlined in the Presidential Policy Directive – to strengthen democratic institutions, nurse spur economic growth, advance peace and security as well as promote opportunity and development for all citizens.

“Carson, the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, will on Thursday provide a readout of the Secretary’s visit to the region, give an overview of the June 14th Presidential Policy Directive on the U.S. Strategy Toward sub-Saharan Africa,” said the Kampala U.S Embassy Information Assistant, Dorothy Nanyonga.

A few Uganda journalists will gather at the US embassy in Nsambya, Kampala to discuss the Washington’s strategy that includes the promotion and protection of Human Rights, Civil Society, and independent media.

“The United States will amplify and support voices calling for respect for human rights, rule of law, accountability and transitional justice mechanisms, and independent media. Further, we will continue to focus on empowering women and marginalized populations, and opposing dis­crimination based on disability, gender, or sexual orientation,” Obama said in June.

The Uganda government has in the past been accused of using excessive force in dealing with opposition supporters especially during political rallies.

The planned telephone conversation comes at a time when legislators are stepping forward to pass the Anti Homosexuality Bill into a law that will severely penalize convicts of “aggravated homosexuality.”

Obama has since described the Bill as “odious” but that hasn’t stopped vocal MPs from pushing it forward.


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