FULL RESULTS: DP Takes Butambala, NRM Wins Usuk

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DP: 2,820

NRM: 2056


DP: 1760

NRM 1821


DP :2381

NRM: 1965


DP: 2926

NRM: 1321


DP: 2321

NRM: 2369


DP: 2,538

NRM: 3,270

Total: DP 14,754

NRM: 12, 792

Difference: 1,962 votes

In Usuk, Alengot won with a total of 11,590 votes. The 19-year-old was followed by Charles Ojok Oleny (independent) who scooped 5329 votes while FDC’s Charles Okure came third with 2,725 votes.

UPC’s Cecilia Anyakoit managed a paltry 554 votes

In Usuk, NRM’s Proscovia Alengot Oromait defeats FDC’s Charles Okure.

5:00PM: Vote counting in Butamba and Usuk kicks off under a peaceful but tense atmosphere.

3:00pm: Teso sub Region police publicist, Juma Hassan Nyene, tells press that 11 people are under custody for several cases involving malicious damage of opposition leaders’ cars, impersonation and voter bribery.

At the same time, MPs Issa Kikungwe and Mathias Nsubuga are detained in Butambala for reportedly inciting violence at Mpanga Polling Station.

11:00am: The UPC party spokes person, Okello Lucima calls upon the Electoral Commission to come out and prove to the country that it is the body in control of the electoral activities in the country.

Lucima says the insecurity and the intimidation imposed upon the people of Usuku by the NRM and the police will not hinder the people of Usuk to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Lucima adds the NRM party has done all that it could to ensure that at least it wins the by-election but this might end up being an unrealized dream.

He, however, says by the will of God, UPC’s Cecilia Anyakoiti will emerge the winner of the Usuk by-elections.

10:11am: IPC Coordinator Kalinge Nyango, who is monitoring elections for the opposition in Usuk, tells Chimpreports Election Desk that cars belonging to UPC candidate Anyakoiti, and Kumi County MP Patrick Amuriat have been vandalized.

He says this happened in a pre-dawn attack in Usuk.

Nyango further notes that another vehicle was also dismantled in Olera sub county.

8:30am: Police have tightened security in Butambala and Usuk as residents go to the polls today morning.

By 8:00am, voting was yet to start in Butambala because the Electoral Commission delayed to put in place voting materials at polling stations.

DP’s Muwanga Kivumbi and NRM’s Faisal Ssali Kikulukunyu are among the six contenders for the hotly contested Butambala seat which fell vacant after the Court of Appeal nullified the election of Kikulukunyu over election irregularities that involved bribery

Other contestants include Ibrahim Tomusange Batemyetto of the Uganda Federal Alliance and independents Faridah Nakiboneka, Farouk Walungama, and Sharif Ssentongo.

The Butambala election is very tight considering that NRM has never lost the seat since the mid 1990s.

President Yoweri Museveni spent a good number of hours in Butambala campaigning for Kikulukunyu on Monday, where he blasted opposition for peddling lies that government had abandoned the health sectors to decay.

It’s also important to note that Kivumbi is a very tough candidate whose oratory skills are unparalleled. He lost to Kikulukunyu in the 2011 election by less than 1,000 votes.

Opposition leaders including Col. Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao have thrown their weight behind the DP stalwart.

The death of Independent MP Michael Oramait left the Usuk seat unoccupied thus compelling his 19-year-old daughter Proscovia Alengot Oromait of NRM to move to replace her departed dad in a contest with Charles Okure (FDC), Nicholas Otega (DP), Cecilia Anyokoit (UPC) and other six independent candidates.

Meanwhile, Chimpreports has learnt of cases of violence in Usuk that occurred last night.

MP Kaps Fungaroo’s car was reportedly smashed in Usuk Sub-county on Monday night by unknown thugs.

Another vehicle of an opposition sympathizer was also vandalized in Olera sub-county on the same night.

UPC candidate Cecilia Anyakoit’s personal vehicle was not spared in the violence that has rocked the volatile region.

Security remains tight in Usuk, where the anti-riot police and army personnel have been seen patrolling the area to maintain law and order.

As usual, we shall keep you posted with latest updates from both elections as events unfold. Please follow us on Twitter: @ChimpReports and just LIKE our Facebook page.


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