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Stanbic Bank ATM Saga: How CCTV Cameras Busted Thieving Bulgarians


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order geneva;”>According to Closed Circuit Television camera video recordings released by Stanbic Bank, Katsarski Milen, Adrian Dimitrov, Ivan Ganchev Emilov, and Ivonov Anton had been withdrawing money from the bank’s ATM machines since 2011 using a microchip.

The microchip would be connected to the phone battery and then attached to the ATM machine before accessing all the information needed – which would later be used to design ATM cards.

The thugs would subsequently return with forged ATM cards before robbing the customers’ money.

The CCTV camera showed that on January 28 this year the suspects stole Stanbic Lubowa Branch using a laptop.

On February 1, they also robbed Kansanga Branch, before raiding Nakawa branch on February 6 and then Capital Shoppers Branch on February 11.

The Bank is yet to fully establish the specific amount of money lost in these raids.

In a statement, the bank said it would pursue the Bulgarians in courts of law until the stolen funds are refunded to their owners and also serve as a lesson to the public that such unscrupulous people would be dealt with an iron fist.

The detectives have appealed to other commercial banks that fell to the scam to report to police.

The Kampala metropolitan police publicist Ibin Ssenkumbi said the investigations all complete since all the interrogated Bulgarians confessed to destabilizing the ATM machines to steal money from the bank.

Ssenkumbi said the video evidence would be tendered in courts of law to pin the suspects on charges of unauthorized access to ATM machines, fraud, access to people’s accounts and without their consent, vandalisation of the ATM machines and withdrawing money from people’s accounts without their authority.

If convicted, the Bulgarians are likely to spend between 15 to 20 years at Luzira prison.


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