Rwanda Opposition Figure Writes To Museveni For Talks With Kagame

He told the President to mobilize the regional and International Community to support the Rwandan people by leading a diplomatic effort to brokering and facilitating what he termed as “peace talks” with Diaspora-based opposition politicians.

“Your Excellency, on behalf my party the Rwanda People’s Party and of the people of Rwanda, we are hereby requesting you to use your close relationship with President Kagame, to persuade and encourage him to accept comprehensive Peace Talks with members of the opposition groups, within the framework of the Rwanda People’s Party’s Road Map to Peace (M5) – specifically the Proposed Peace Talks that my party delivered to President Paul Kagame on May 5 2011,” said Karuranga.

In a letter to Museveni dated August 14, Karuranga expressed its gratitude to the President and the people of Uganda for the role played in containing the worst excesses of the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994.

Based in London, Karuranga also appreciated the direct and indirect support given to the Rwandan people during the period of great suffering and subsequently the 4-year campaign to return home.

“I personally wish to thank your government for the protection given to me,” said Karuranga, then leader of the Rwanda National Liberation Movement (RNLM)) from April to December of 1986.

He thanked the government of Uganda for refusing to hand him over to the notorious regime of the Late Juvenal Habyarimana to stand trial for the treason charges related to the RNLM’s declaration of war for the Liberation of Rwanda on April 29 1986.

Karuranga adds that several opposition politicians would love to dialogue with President Kagame on important issues that affect them and his country.

However, Rwanda envoy to Uganda Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambagye last year told Chimpreports that the President is accessible especially during public dialogues and also on social networks.

Karuranga, who on Monday confirmed writing to Museveni, said President Kagame and his RPF government have totally failed and let down the Rwandan people but his party would continue its role in supporting activities that are beneficial to Rwanda as a nation and people.

“In this regard, and as for most recently, my party stood by to give qualified support to the RPF government’s handling of the DRC and M23 crisis,” he said.

He said as the policy of RPP party, they are committed to oppose policies and procedures that are detrimental to Rwandan people and to support projects that could help to improve the wellbeing of our people, regardless of whichever party is in power.


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