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“We Steal Fuel And Mix It With Paraffin Before Sale”


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This move was one of the efforts aimed at cracking down on fake fuel on the market.

Ssemata confessed that he had been dealing with drivers of fuel trucks of City Oil, Total, and Shell stations to steal fuel which he would later mix with paraffin and put to the market.

The suspect, who was paraded at Kampala Central Police Station on Monday, said he was in this illegal business for over a year.

Ssemata said the fuel would be picked by his secret customers from his washing bay in Kivebulaya, Kampala.

According to Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi, Ssemata and drivers of fuel trucks would meet in dark corners at night and steal some quantity of fuel before the vehicles reached their destinations.

Ssenkumbi says more investigations into the matter are underway, adding, Ssemata will face the full wrath of the law.


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