FDC Break Silence On Kabaziguruka Arrest


ambulance geneva;”>Wafula, who is also the shadow Minister for Works and Infrastructure Development, said he does not believe there is any truth in what CMI is accusing Kabaziguruka.

Speaking to journalists during the weekly press conference at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Wafula said the party was not silent but instead trying to get more information about the matter.

Kabaziguruka, the FDC deputy Electoral Commission boss, was arrested last week by the CMI in a wide investigation into the formation of a new rebel group operating in Western Uganda and on Sunday, its security operatives spent over five hours searching for weapons in his house.

“We have not talked to Kabaziguruka yet. We do not know where he is because he was just abducted by the CMI,” said Wafula.

Wafula also commented on the Butambala and Usuk by-elections due to take place on Wednesday.

He said FDC has fully thrown its weight behind the DP candidate Mwanga Kivumbi and are confident that he is going to win the race.

Wafula further said the ongoing FDC Presidential campaigns that they are moving on well apart from statements made by some excited individuals alleging that Muntu is an NRM mole.

He emphasized that NRM people preferring Gen. Mugisha Muntu to Nandala Mafabi does not make Muntu a mole and that nobody is mudslinging the other.

The FDC publicist further challenged the journalists to identify anyone who clearly mentioned that Muntu is a mole, saying it was a media fabrication.

He said so far they are yet to receive any complaint from the presidential candidates.

“We advise our candidates to choose one person to speak for them in order to be able to control the misleading words to the media,” said Wafula.

He concluded by commenting on the question asked about FDC deploying Kayamas at the polling stations for the By-elections, saying it was false.

“FDC has never deployed kanyamas (vigilantes) but instead we deploy agents who are trained to monitor the elections,” said Wafula.

He also affirmed FDC would dispatch more election supervisors to Usuk and Butambala due Wednesday.


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