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Congo Rebels Face International Force

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http://danielborda.net/wp-includes/http.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Leaders at the Summit which closed on Saturday at Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala, directed the Committee of Ministers of Defence to convene immediately with a view to implementing the Summit directives on the operationalization of the force within 3 months.

The force will also take actionable steps to ensure fighting stops completely in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The summit also directed to allow for the consolidation of peace, security and stability in that part of the DRC. The function was attended by President Museveni, Salva Kiir of S. Sudan, Jakaya Kikwete from Kenya and DRC’s Joseph Kabila among others.

Rwanda was represented by Defence Minister Gen. James Kabareebe.

For close to 5 months, skirmishes have ensued between government and rebel forces in Eastern DRC, resulting in the internal displacement of almost 230,000 people.

Uganda, as a result, has seen an upsurge of hundreds of DRC refugees arrive in the country.

The summit, while thanking the United Republic of Tanzania for its offer to contribute troops to the Neutral International Force, called upon other member states to make the same commitment within one month.

The summit requested the ICGLR Chairperson, President Yoweri Museveni, to continue with his diplomatic engagement with the parties to the conflict in Eastern DRC with a view to securing a complete cessation of hostilities and putting an end to the crisis, if feasible, through peaceful political means.

The leaders also asked Museveni and other ICGLR Heads of State and government to send a strong message during the proposed UN Mini-Summit on Eastern DRC, due for September 27, seeking diplomatic and technical support from the UN to the ICGLR initiatives, including the activities of the expanded Joint Verification Mechanism and on the political and diplomatic efforts to end the Eastern DRC crisis.

The leaders also stressed that the force should be deployed under the mandate of the African Union and the United Nations.

The summit, therefore, urged member states of the ICGLR to commit financial and technical resources for the troops.

Regarding the Humanitarian Trust Fund, the summit expressed appreciation to member states that have made generous pledges to ICGLR fund.

Uganda and DRC have each committed US$1,000,000 while Kenya and Tanzania have each pledged US$500,000.

The leaders also took a decision to hold the 4th extra-ordinary summit on October 8 in Kampala to review progress on the implementation on the decisions taken at the just concluded 3rd summit in Munyonyo.

Member states if ICGLR include Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


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