Bobi Wine Attacks UCC Over Controversial Tugambire Ku Jennifer Song


The attack follows speculation that the communications regulator had banned radio stations from airing Bobi’s controversial song Tugambire Ku Jennifer, following a complaint by KCCA executive director, Jennifer Musisi.

In the song, Bobi Wine attributes Kampala’s problems ranging from increased murders to robberies to Musisi – who last year kicked city vendors off Kampala streets.

Bobi says the unemployed vendors have now resorted to murders as a means of survival.

The singer says the poor city dwellers are being downtrodden because of Musisi’s dictatorial policies, adding she should be stopped.

Musisi complained to UCC that the song was an affront on her person.

A few days ago, Bobi released a video of the song before attacking UCC:

“Now, I want to advise the Uganda Miscommunication Commission to remember that they are supposed to be serving the people not a person.”

He unleashed another missile: “Listen to what the people are trying to communicate instead of intimidating the messenger. Listen to the voice of the people. Understand, don’t misunderstand….communicate, don’t miscommunicate!”

Fearing reprisals from Bobi, UCC has since clarified that the song is only being “investigated.”

It’s yet unclear whether Musisi will allow Bobi Wine to launch this eyebrow-raising song at a music concert in the city.


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