Why AG John Muwanga Would Die Broke As A Journalist

dosage geneva;”>Had he made a mistake to go into journalism, he would have wound up a poor man, being sacked from job to job. You see in accounting and auditing, you deal with figures which either balance or fail to balance.

If your figures balance, or if you catch those whose figures don’t balance and are using fiction to balance them, then you are good you do a good job, which is what Mr Muwanga is doing.

But in journalism, you write a believable story which answers the five Ws and H, otherwise the editor will not pass it. That is how poor Muwanga would get sacked from job to job.

Consider Mr Muwanga’s recent reports for example. We were told in his report that police refused to buy outright an office building from British Council for a relatively low sh800million, and preferred to be renting it for sh900m a year.

For such a story the news editor would just throw it away and if reporter Muwanga does not duck fast, he might get a slap in the face.

For that story to be convincing, the writer would have to indicate the how and why, like how many joints of marijhuana the Permanent Secretary ministry of Internal Affairs had smoked to allow such a vulgar transaction take place.

Another unconvincing story that would get reporter Muwanga sacked is that the government’s Civil Aviation Authority hired a private debt collector to collect sh54 billion from the government at a commission of 10 percent. This the news editor would throw into the waste paper basket as an incomplete submission because the writer does not state how the gangster held a gun on the head of the CAA board chairperson to make that robbery possible.

It also does not state how much tax the lawyer paid on the sh5.4billion earned on the transaction. At the annual appraisal, reporter Muwanga would be advised that true stories shouldn’t be more bizarre than fiction.


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