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Tooro Queen Mother Seizes Parliament’s Land Title


prostate geneva;”>The revelation came to light on Friday when the acting Prime Minister Amos Mugisa stormed the kingdom’s land registry in a purported search of the land title for Block 100, viagra sale commonly known as Mucwa – where the political seat of Tooro government and its Parliament is based.

Mugisa was told by the head of the land registry only identified as Garihamutwe that the title had been taken by Kemigisa, with the help of her brother Misteri Mujungu.

Mugisa reportedly ordered the arrest of two officials in the registry but shortly after their apprehension, the premier received a phone call from Kemigisa who confirmed possession of the land title.

However, clan officials have told Chimpreports on condition of anonymity since they are not authorized to speak to press, that Mugisa is feigning ignorance of how the title went missing from the registry.

“If Mugisa was sincere, he would have taken the two registry officials to police for purposes of clearing his name. He connived with Kemigisa to illegally take away the title to enable them easily process the sale of the Kingdom properties which we shall not accept,” a clan leader told this investigative website.

The source further said Kemigisa and Mugisa have employed the services of Peter Nyamitare, a lawyer in Fort Portal, to “draft leases and other documents to facilitate the illegal sale of the Kingdom properties.”

The revelation has ruffled feathers in the Kingdom, with fears hitting boiling levels that Kemigisa is selling Toro’s properties with the view of fully relocating the royal family to United States.

The clean leaders last week secured two prominent lawyers in the area identified as Johnson Musana and Victor Businge to place caveats on several properties Kemigisa intends to sell.

We on Thursday reported that Kemigisa had blocked Oyo from meeting his advisers with the view to prevent him from picking information about the massive fraudulent sale of Tooro’s properties.

Palace sources say some top Tooro officials emailed the story to the king, who on Friday night rushed to Fort Portal to calm tempers among clan leaders who were not impressed by Kemigisa’s actions.

Some of the major properties sold include Block 72, Plot 13 which had earlier been leased to Kabarole Hillside Secondary School.

Block 19, Plot 7 (Buhunga) that had since housed Tooro and Mityana Tea Company (TAMTECO) is now on the market. The title for this land is also in the hands of Kemigisa, who according to the Kingdom’s law, is not mandated to carry out any transactions of behalf of Tooro.

“The Queen mother can only sell her private property. Even the king cannot sell Tooro’s land. It’s not allowed,” said a clan leader.

Asked why Kemigisa was selling the Kingdom’s land, the clan leader said: “She wants to relocate the entire royal family which will permanently stay in United States.”


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