Congo Rebellion: Kagame, Kabila Jet In Today


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decease geneva;”>S. Sudan President Salva Kiir has already jetted in.

Others heads of state expected in Kampala include François Bozizé (Central African Republic), Do Santos (Angola), Mwai Kibaki (Kenya) and Pierre Nkurunziza (Burundi).

The leaders will on Friday convene at Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala, to discuss a report prepared by a sub-committee of regional Defence Ministers on the formation of an international force to deal with rebels in Eastern Congo.

The team of Defence Ministers from Angola, Burundi, Congo, DRC, Rwanda Uganda and Tanzania was formed during a meeting of regional presidents in Kampala on August 8.

Subsequently, the Ministers held several meeting including one in Goma, DRC, with the view of gathering enough facts on the conflict before providing details on the operationalization of the neutral international force which will soon be deployed in DRC.

The report, which will be submitted to the Presidents today, comprises proposals showing urgent actionable steps needed to ensure that fighting stops completely in Eastern Congo to allow for consolidation of peace, security and stability.

Today’s meeting will be chaired by President Yoweri Museveni, the chairman of ICGLR.

Kiyonga told press on the sidelines of the Summit yesterday that their report was ready and would be handed over to Museveni today.

Museveni will then invite ICGLR presidents to discuss the report and find solutions to the instability in Kivu.

Diplomatic sources say DRC officials yesterday tried to argue that Rwanda is to blame for the crisis and should not contribute soldiers to the International Force.

However, DRC faced resistance from Kiyonga who said that was immaterial and premature.

“Let’s first give our report to the President. We cannot talk about exclusion now because all of us are seeking a solution to this problem. The presidents meeting will determine who should participate by sending troops,” Kiyonga was quoted as saying.

He added: “Whoever wants to reject the contribution of troops by any country will have a chance to do so at the right time.”

The Kampala Summit comes at a time when DRC and Rwanda are engaged in a cold war over the rebel activities in the eastern part of the country.

Gen. Kabarebe early this week accused DRC of concocting evidence and peddling lies that Rwanda was reinforcing M23 rebels as a cover up for the Kinshasha government’s political weaknesses.

Kabarebe further blamed Congo for segregating the CNDP soldiers who were integrated in FARDC in 2009 and poorly feeding soldiers who would not even “kill a rat.”


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