FDC Race Heats Up As Mafabi Camp Attacks Gen. Muntu Again


stomach geneva;”>Addressing press on Thursday at Mafabi’s office in Naguru, check a leafy Kampala suburb, the politician’s chief strategist Rtd. Major Rubaramira Ruranga said his team would continue to call a spade a spade.

“We shall continue to state the facts as they were and are so that Ugandans and FDC Delegates get to know who their next Party President is. This idea of having a man at the helm of any institution when you don’t know who he is and what he has done should stop,” said Rubaramira.

“It is the time to open a new page for Uganda’s multi party dispensation to scrutinize these people,” he added.

The statement comes at a time when Muntu’s camp is accusing Rubaramira of launching a smear campaign against their candidate.

During the launch of the Mafabi’s campaign at Kasangati grounds, Rubaramira accused Muntu of dining and wining with President Yoweri Museveni’s generals.

A few days later, FDC Electoral Commission boss Lt. Dan Mugarura summoned all the candidates and warned them against a smear campaign, saying it would paralyse party structures and lead to disunity.

Mugarura clarified that the party needed to emerge stronger after the exercise if it was to defeat the NRM in future elections.

“If anyone cannot contain these facts that we will continually bring out for the public to know we are sorry but we will continue to be bold and plain,” affirmed Rubaramira.

“We are presenting Nandala Mafabi to the people of Uganda to know that we have a man who has stood out above all those he is contesting with in integrity, commitment and performance in the party and for Uganda.”

He further stated: “I remember when Col. Besigye was arrested in 2001 and some people wanted to present another candidate but it was Nandala Mafabi that said we will continue with Besigye whether in or out prison.”

It’s unclear whether Rubaramira was referring to Muntu as having proposed Besigye’s replacement in the 2001 elections.

“I remember Mafabi sold his petrol station and funded the party in the absence of Dr. Besigye, what more commitment do we want? Some of the competitors have not paid what they promised to the party where is their integrity and commitment to the party asked Major Ruranga?”

“This business of saying that we need a man with a military background is weak. We need a civilian who will persuade all Ugandans not by the gun but through skills that he has demonstrated in positions that he has held as appointed by the party,” said Rubaramira.

He also noted that soldiers are men who wait for orders and “as we look for a party President we need a man who can get out of comfort zone and be innovative not a leader who is going to be compelled to do his work.”


In a separate attack, FDC Treasury chief, Jack Sabiiti, who is also among Mafabi’s strategists, accused Muntu of falling short of putting in place party structures during his days as Secretary of mobilization and Organization.

“Muntu has done his job but I still have question marks. We don’t have structures. Whenever there are campaigns for by-elections, all of us have to go because there are no structures at the grassroots,” said Sabiiti while appearing on KFM political Hot Seat on Thursday evening.

“In Ankole, east and all other parts of Uganda, there are no structures. That’s why we have a title for mobilization and organization. But there is nothing to show for this,” said Sabiiti.

“I have seen and worked with both Muntu and Mafabi in several capacities. Mafabi has a lot to offer in terms of mobilization, looking for funds and strengthening structures,” he added.

Sabiiti also reiterated that indeed, several officials from the ruling NRM party have approached top FDC officials asking them to vote for Muntu.

“That’s why I am suspicious. Some people have vested interests in the election,” he noted.

Muntu’s strategist Christopher Kibanzanga told press on Wednesday that his candidate would not respond to such attacks from Mafabi’s camp.


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