Brig. Tumukunde Appears At Court Martial


While still a serving army official, buy information pills Tumukunde reportedly made certain remarks on radio without authorization from his bosses which the UPDF Command regarded as contrary to the Army Code of Conduct and as disparaging to the name and reputation of the UPDF.

He was on May 27, ask 2005 summoned to a meeting attended by UPDF High command and directed to resign from Parliament.

On the following day, Tumukunde wrote to the Speaker of Parliament purportedly resigning his Parliamentary seat.

The letter was copied to the UPDF Commander- in- Chief President Yoweri Museveni and to the UPDF Council.

It would appear that following the meeting of the UPDF Command and its directive, Tumukunde was later arrested and placed under military detention.

On May 30 2005, the general was charged before the UPDF’s General Court Martial with several offences that included conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline 66 (1), (2) and (5) of the UPDF (cap.307).

According to prosecution, Tumukunde also reportedly made oral statements ill of the Army or Government of Uganda, when he said:

“I am sure you know how many people call themselves very pro the President and I am sure even in the Forces People who have got either sympathy or levels of patronage, so you would not want to leave such a person hovering on top of a force. It interferes even with orders and main direction of the force… and I do know how much time one needs in power really to make a difference”.

The military court’s boss Brig. Fred Tolit has today told the firebrand general, who was in company of his lawyers Oscar Kambona and Emmanuel Twarebireho that the case had been adjourned to November 2012.

It’s yet unclear why the court is taking over five years to determine whether the general has a case to answer or not.


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