Kabareebe Besieged By Men At Club Rouge


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dosage geneva;”>The gorgeous model on Tuesday night caused a stir at Club Rogue when she turned up in a skimpy red dress, revealing her thighs and long legs.

Chimp Corps say Kabareebe stormed the nightspot a few minutes to midnight – leaving heads turning.

In just a twinkle of an eye, she was besieged by several guys, seeking her attention.

Kabareebe, however, carefully found her way through the excited young men before joining a group of journalists.

Kabareebe had turned up for the baby shower function organized by the Club’s publicist Gareth Onyango’s fiancée Nickita Bachu.

“Seeing men surrounding Kabareebe in a bid to get her phone number and even touch her body was the least I expected. It was alarming,” recounts a Chimp Corp.


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