“Rain Makers” Threaten To Bewitch MUN-G’s Namalayo Concert


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sick geneva;”>Word from the music Baboon Forest Camp is that witchdoctors have threatened to cause a massive downpour on Friday during MUN G’s “Namalayo” concert at Kati Kati in Kampala.

diagnosis geneva;”>“It’s freaky when you get calls from rain makers that ‘CEO Baboon folesiti’ consider our share on your budget for the concert lest Kati Kati floods,” confirmed GNL.

The sorcerers have been telephoning GNL that they are the only ones with enough supernatural powers to avert what has befallen organizers of recent music concerts.

These witchdoctors claim to have had a hand in the Demarco and Sisqo concert flops.

It’s yet unclear whether GNL has taken a decision on bribing the “rain makers” to avoid a “flood” at Kati Kati.

Watch this space….


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