Rwandans Contribute RWF7bn To Agaciro Fund

dosage geneva; font-size: small;”>Rwanda Finance Minister of Finance and Economic planning John Rwagombwa told press on Tuesday that since the launch of the fund on August 23, cost Rwandans have committed themselves to voluntarily contribute to the development of their country by supporting the project.

“I commend all Rwandans for this remarkable contribution, putting together seven billion and two hundred million in less than two weeks is a remarkable achievement,” said Rwagombwa.

Rwanda authorities say the Agaciro Fund, which was conceived during the 2011 Umushyikirano (public dialogue) to complement existing sources of financing to facilitate building national prosperity, will restore the country’ dignity and put an end to dependence on foreign aid.

A total of 1.2 billion RWF was pledged on August 23 during launch of Agaciro Fund at Kigali Serena Hotel, in what appeared as President Paul Kagame’s move to inspire the nation towards achieving self sustenance.

Kagame told participants that the concept itself is far greater than the funds collected.

“The Agaciro Fund should be thought in the sense of a long term solution to our problems. Leaders are supposed to play the role of shock absorbers to Rwandans. From the injustice we suffer, we should draw strength to consolidate our progress,” said Kagame during the launch.

“Agaciro Fund is a polite way of fortifying ourselves. Rwanda is referred to as a tiny nation that can barely be located on the map, why then does it attract everyone’s attention?” he wondered.

Meanwhile, during the press conference in Kigali, State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Mathias Harebamungu briefed journalists on the introduction of the University of Rwanda that will have six main campuses around the country.

“The idea of having one university emerged during last year’s National dialogue and various consultations show that having one university is cost effective compared to having many universities,” he said.

The Director General of the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, Yussuf Murangwa said this year’s national census is at closing stages and it has successfully been conducted and the preliminary results will be announced in December this year.


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