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Janet Speaks Out On Conflict Management


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The First Lady made the remarks during the opening of the 11th meeting of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) member states at Common Wealth Resort, Munyonyo, Kampala.

Permanent secretaries and other top officials from the region are holding a meeting to develop a regional strategy on Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN).

Below is Janet’s speech in full:

I would like to begin by welcoming you to Kampala on behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Uganda and on my own behalf.

I thank you for making time to be present here today for this very important meeting.

This meeting for me provides the platform that I have been crying out for and I would like to congratulate Mr Kimani for having convened this meeting.

The regions we all represent here have suffered neglect and isolation for so long through these imaginary walls that have kept our communities and leaders worlds’ apart.

This has affected us so much so that even the organisations we put together are labelled “Conflict early warning systems” which is an alarm system so to speak to warn people that we know conflict must come!

Psychologically therefore our people have been prepared for conflict whether it is there or not. Our people have had to live in that kind of insecure environment.

Therefore, it is time to unravel this confusing state of affairs so that we can at-last free our people from “ghost fear.”

The people we represent and lead here today, are basically simple and desire to lead uncomplicated lives.

Peace is a basic and natural desire for any human being in the world and governments should provide it. If this basic need is met, these communities would live stable lives.

However when those needs are not met, they become the reason why conflicts emerge.

When we decide to build systems to stop conflict instead of dealing with root cause, we should be prepared to deal with endless conflicts for a lifetime.

Which I dare say is what we have been doing through the “Conflict Early warning Systems.”

I would like to share an example of a family with three children but are able to provide only one TOY, when the children fight for the toy, the parents chooses to get a dog to guard the toy!!!!!!! The source of this conflict is lack of toys and the dog will only hurt the innocent children.

Therefore brothers and sisters today, I stand here to ring a bell for a wake-up call that we as Africans must wake up and realise that instead of using these funds for seminars on “conflict analysis and facilitation” we should just use those same resources to provide our people with food production means, water for animals and irrigation schemes which enable people to produce food in Israel and other countries with water shortage in the world.

When people have their needs satisfied even conflict will take care of itself. However, that does not mean that law and order is not necessary, of course it is necessary and governments have the responsibility to do that for these isolated communities even more strictly than they do elsewhere but what will happen is that these communities will be brought in the mainstream communities in the country.

Finally, I believe that governments in our region need to establish strong linkages with a human face.

This means that there is need for co-operation among these neighbour states, so that if there is any reason for cross-border interaction, it won’t wait for a meeting in six months time, when a phone call can dissolve it just overnight and that way conflicts will not occur.

I want to report that, in the case of Karamoja we can honestly say, we have seen a new dawn, where communities now experience peace.

This came as a result of a government taking a deliberate firm stand on dis-armament and pacification.

We know now that cattle rustling will also be a thing of the past. Instead we are now seriously engaged in food production and infrastructure development.

We are struggling with developing the educational and health sectors. This is what is happening elsewhere in Uganda.

My prayer is that, meetings like this one in future can be organised for sharing experiences so that for all our countries conflict can be a thing of the past.“This is possible.”

All our countries will see an end to pre-mature deaths. Together we will see that dawn of stability which will inevitably bring with it wealth creation and technological advancement.

Finally these communities can stop seeing enemies in their own shadows. To this end we must work for co-operation of all our neighbours, friends and partners to make this goal possible not just for Karamoja but for all our people across this region.

This simple but important message SHOULD BE MADE CLEAR to this meeting, to our countries and to the entire region that “PEACE IS WHAT OUR PEOPLE NEED AND IT IS WHAT OUR PEOPLE

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I urge all of us to work tirelessness to remove and denounce issues that exaggerate our differences, to down play the political and administrative borders bequeathed to us by the sad history of colonisation and embrace unity of our people because “our identity is one and our destiny is the same”.

We need to involve our people in all our strategies and ensure full participation of indigenous structures which are often shared across borders and build the capacity to deliver resources and basic services to our people. When the ordinary people have food security, when they are accessing education for their children, when their livestock can graze and have adequate water supply for human and production purposes, when health services are available, then prosperity will be our lot and hence the importance of stability and peace in our communities, countries and across our borders.

My expectation from CEWARN under this new strategy is to make these issues possible and make governments and all stakeholders do things differently for the benefit of our people, the advancement of peace to our people is our workto the Glory of God.

My expectation is that you the Permanent Secretaries will develop capacity of national and institutional mechanisms to enhance national and cross-border peace. My prayer is that CEWARN will bring the decade long experience to a higher level and generate products that will create good policies, produce lasting and sustainable solutions for peace, security and stability of this region.

It is therefore my honour and pleasure to open this historic post-2012 CEWARN Strategy meeting of the Committee of Permanent Secretaries.

I affirm the commitment of the Government of the Republic of Uganda and that of my office in providing leadership to roll-out the new strategy.

You are guaranteed the overall political will and support to the operations of the regional mechanism.

I now declare the 11th Meeting of the IGAD-CEWARN Committee of Permanent Secretaries officially open and wish you successful deliberations as well as a comfortable stay in Kampala and safe journey back to your various destinations.


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