Interview: Bebe Cool Opens Up On “Heart Attack” And Bobi Beef

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troche geneva; font-size: small;”>In a one-on-one, and Bebe explains what went wrong.

He also speaks out on efforts to seek compensation after being shot by police at a hangout a few years ago and beefing with Bobi Wine.


Chimp: Tell us when you started developing heart complications.

Bebe: Well about that issue, I confirmed to you that I recently had a mild heart attack after a music concert in Canada. This happened in my hotel room. The truth of the matter is that I have been having irregular heartbeats and nightmares after the shooting incident in Kampala a few years ago.

Chimp: How has this affected you?

Bebe: Even the salt and coffee I used to enjoy are no more. My doctors discovered that it was the one triggering some of these heart attacks. I fear for my life. I have even reduced my foreign trips. I have to trim my workload.

Chimp: What could be the worst in this situation?

Bebe: To tell you the truth, I am scared as hell. I thought that nothing will ever get me this worried. For the sake of my family, when the doctors advised me to scale down on my performance, I cancelled the US concerts.

Chimp: How are you copying now?

Bebe: If you have noticed, I no longer use lots of energy while on stage. I am going for a full medical checkup once again at IHK in a few days’ time.

Chimp: You recently fired your manager Emma Serugo. How is life under Tikitah?

Bebe: Tikitah is perfect and he has done miracles. Forget about Serugo who was downtown and even angered me when he appeared on Kadingo’s series (Omubanda Wa Kabaka on Bukedde TV). Tikitah is uptown and that is why, unlike Serugo, I fly with him.

Chimp: what about word that you have beef with Sweet kid over Producer Rinex?

Bebe: Actually I have no beef with Sweet Kid. They fell out with Rinex and since I believe in him as an ace producer, I chose to maintain a working relationship with him.

I have not signed him but he works with the Gagamel family and he is well paid for that.

Chimp: Now what is this beef with Club Rouge’s Gareth who posted a grafted picture on Facebook showing you as half naked?

Bebe: Surely with that boy I can only say that it’s rural-urban-excitement. The only problem that I have with him now is that he has driven the club into our war.

For starters, I have never liked Club Rouge and I will not be going back anytime soon.

Chimp: Ahhh what about the Karitas beef that doesn’t seem to go away?

Bebe: Karitas Muzeei tamalira budde. She’s a wannabe old lady. I know where she comes from and where she will end. I really don’t have time for Karitas.

Chimp: Who were you referring to as neighbor A and B on your recent Facebook post?

Bebe: (He laughs). Neighbor A is just a confused fellow under pressure in his life. He keeps doing mistakes just because other people do so.

Chimp: Bebe who are we talking about here?

Bebe: The man who said that he was going to perform at the 2012 Olympics in UK and ended up singing telepathically. For starters I am only saying the truth.

Chimp: Could he be Jose Chameleone?

Bebe: You couldn’t have said it better, it is him.

Chimp: And neighbor B?

Bebe: Bobi is just a little drug addict. Drugs keep on sending him off course.

Chimp: So what about the Shs2bn compensation after being shot by government?

Bebe: Actually let me correct you it is Shs2.9bn and for sure this is very little money compared to what I have been going through and what I fear I might have to go through again.

It’s a very genuine amount for then one and a half years I was down.

Chimp: Is it true that you are choking on huge debts?

Bebe: This is all because of the shooting. Can you imagine that I have two cases one with Prosco Entertainment who had paid me over Shs40m and now I have to pay monthly Shs2m till I clear the debt?

Then there is a promoter in Arua, a one James, who had planned to have an eleven day’s tour and had spent over 280m.

Chimp: What about the 52 Kid’s Foundation?

Bebe: This foundation was started by the son of one John Koerner who comes from Vermouth who set it up in Kamuli. From 2013, I will be donating 50% of monies to the foundation.

Chimp: How do you feel about losing yet another patient in Conrad who was recently admitted at Mulago Referral Hospital and was set for a kidney transplant in India?

Bebe: It hurts a lot but then still unlike other people I prefer to help those who are in a very desperate situation.

And by the way you can’t stop fate. But one thing that I know is that each time I visited them you could tell that I would make a difference in their desperate state.

Chimp: You have always celebrated your birthday in the first week of September with an album launch what should we expect this year?

Bebe: Unlike the other years this time round I will celebrate it with my family at home.

For the fans, my gift is planned for a launch in early November but that will still depend on my doctors’ advice.

Otherwise I am spoilt for choice about what to name the album Kamwako or Ntuyo Zange. I will do so when the time to cross the bridge comes.

Chimp: Bebe thanks for your time. Your last word?

Bebe: I say a huge thank you to my fans. This year I think I have done enough for myself. Now I want to concentrate on the rest of the Gagamel family’s new talent in guys like Shortcut, Rhema, Edith K and Ronnie Mutabazi.

My fans should always read Chimpreports for news especially entertainment. Watch out for these amazing talents.


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