Kenya Deadly Riots Rage On, 2 Stabbed In Mombasa


information pills geneva;”>Our Kenya correspondent Godwin Agaba says Mombasa is on fire as Muslims youth protest the shooting of their cleric.

Rogo, a suspected supporter of the terrorist Al Shabaab group, was sprayed with bullets by unknown gunmen on Monday afternoon in Mombasa.

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Agaba reports that armed with knives and petrol, thugs are burning petrol stations, churches and government buildings.

“The rowdy youths are engaging police in running battles as shops remain closed. Residents have locked themselves in their houses,” reports.

It has also emerged that two people have so far been stabbed to death in Mombasa today during the bloody riots that have shaken the country.

A good number of police officers have reportedly been injured as looters storm supermarkets and Mpesa outlets to rob money.

“This is too much. Large plumes of smoke are rising from burnt buildings. You can smell the stench of destruction. Unruly youth are setting up bonfires in the middle of the roads,” he noted.

The police force has been reinforced with the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers to restore peace and sanity in the troubled Mombasa.

“As I speak now, Rembo Bar is in flames. Fire fighters are here trying to put out the raging fire,” said Agaba.

Police have also surrounded Mombasa’s Masjid Musa Mosque where Late Aboud Rogo used to preach. The youth are pelting stones from within compound.

CCTV crew of Jane Kiyo and Michael Kinja has been attacked by rowdy youths in Majengo. Agaba says the riots have now spread to Moi Avenue, Nyerere Road, Digo Road, around GPO and TSS Mombasa.


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