Shs45bn For Former Army Combatants


viagra approved geneva; font-size: small;”>He also urged the leaders to use the funds from the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) to kick start activities that are geared towards boosting household income.

more about geneva;”>The President was on Sunday launching a model parish for purposes of intensifying the Government campaign aimed at boosting wananchi’s ability to enhance household income in a bid to eradicate poverty.

The function was held yesterday in Kikyuusa Sub-County.

Museveni expressed dissatisfaction with the little and slow development that he visibly witnessed in the area despite the various development programmes that the government had committed.

He enumerated such programmes like Plan for Modernization of Agriculture (PMA) and NAADS, among others.

He said that their impact on the ground is not reflected in the efforts and funds expended on the said programmes.

He, therefore, called for more input by the leaders with emphasis on improving household income through modern agricultural production.

“Many people think of development in terms of health centres, roads and general infrastructure. Although it is partly true, the most paramount of them is household income. This is the foundation and basis for solving all the other social problems but Ugandans don’t seem to have grasped this.

That is why I am still sensitizing you about it,” he explained.

Museveni highlighted the danger in diverting funds meant for infrastructure development for regional and individual problems such as compensation for ex-combatants because this may cripple the economy.

He asked the residents of Nakaseke district to be patient as government will gradually address all issues pertaining to development through prioritization. He explained to the people that the rationale of the recent appointment of a youthful Minister for the Presidency was to ensure that the masses are sensitized to appreciate prioritization if the country is to continue moving forward.

The President also appealed to the Movement Secretariat to intensify activities that are geared towards updating regional leaders with regard to the progress registered in the implementation of government programs to avoid a vacuum and lack of information.

Regarding delayed payment of ex-combatants, the President promised that the issue will finally be put to rest in the next financial year when an estimated Shs.45 billion will be in the budget.

In fulfillment of his earlier pledges, the President directed that 100 scholarships be awarded to science students from Nakaseke, a maize mill be established in Kikyuusa, a school truck to Kalooke Christian School be procured, an ambulance to Semuto Health Centre 4 and a cash donation of Shs.1.5 million for the renovation of borehole at Kikyuusa.

Earlier in a meeting with the area leaders held at Kalooke Christian High School, the President promised to facilitate them to visit Mrs. Kizza’s farm in Masaka district to help them appreciate the strategies one can apply to improve household income through simple farming.

He also said he would thereafter donate 10 heifers to each village in Kikyuusa so that the people embrace the venture of cattle rearing.

While in the area, President Museveni visited the home of Mr. Emmanuel Kironde, one of the model farmers in the area. Kironde gets 15 litres of milk daily from one cow. The President donated Shs2 million to him.


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