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Gunmen Shoot At Another Muslim Businessman


order geneva; font-size: small;”>Jjunju was found whimpering in excruciating pain in a pool of blood by his relatives before being rushed to the hospital.

physician geneva;”>This was the fifth time gunmen were trying to kill the 38-year-old businessman of Kinywamazzi in the Parish of Mateete, price Ssemababule.

Hajji Jjunju had just spent six months running the big shop in Ssembabule with his friend Richard Ssentongo, a motorcycle mechanic who was selling petrol oil at this store.

Ssentongo says he was woken up at around 4:00am on Friday by men who pretended they wanted to buy petrol.

“When Jjunju opened the door, five men dressed in the army uniform stood at the door with guns and two of them had masks on their faces. He was put on gunpoint and ordered to lead them to Hajji Jjunju’s residence,” recounted Ssentongo.

The gunmen instructed Ssentongo to urge Jjunju to open his door to serve “customers” five crates of soda and 10 boxes of water.

Fearing for his life, Ssentongo obliged.

Moments after Jjunju opened the door, one of the gunmen shot him. The bullets ripped apart his chest, leaving the businessman with life-threatening wounds.

The assailants later took off.

Concerned neighbors, upon hearing the sound of gunfire, rushed to the scene before rushing Jjunju to a clinic in Mateete then Kitovu which referred him to Mulago Referral Hospital.

Police was later called in. Detectives were shocked to find that the gunmen had not stolen anything from the shop after the shooting, confirming fears that the assailants were on a mission to kill Jjunju.

Deputy Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed the incident, saying investigations are underway to apprehend and bring to book the culprits.

Hajji Abubaker Kiweewa on June 22 shot dead at Kyanja Prime Petro Station.

Police spokesperson Simon Kuteesa said one suspect; Balaba Luke of Kyanja was arrested in connection with the murder, charged in court and subsequently remanded at Luzira Prison.

“Uganda Police Force continues to investigate all the cases including among others the murder of Sheik Abdul Karim Ssentamu who was shot dead by unknown assailants at William Street, Kampala on April 20 2012,” Kuteesa told press last Friday.


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