Kabaka Opens 20th Lukiiko Session Today


unhealthy geneva; font-size: small;”>Kabaka, Mengo authorities say, will address key issues affecting the Kingdom such as poverty and the progress made in advocating for a Federal government.

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Kabaka will also give a brief speech on the appointment of his new members of the Buganda cabinet who include Denis Walusimbi Ssengendo (state minister for culture), Dr. Donald Muguluma Ddamulira, (minister of state for health) and his representative in New York Wycliffe Lule Musoke Ssemwogerere who were sworn in last week.

It’s yet unclear whether his speech will

Political analysts say Kabaka could this time avoid a strong-worded speech, considering that he is on good terms with the Central Government.

President Yoweri Museveni last week promised to pay Shs18bn in installments, which Mengo demands from government as rent for use of its properties.

The function opens at 11am.

This Lukiiko session comes days after the passing of the Kingdom’s 2012/13 financial year budget which was presented to the Lukiiko by the minister of Finance in Buganda Kingdom Eva Nagawa Mukasa.

The Shs38.36 bn budget put much more emphasis on development of land through the introduction of land banking where land is developed and later leased out to interested parties.

It also entailed plans to put much more emphasis on setting up of buildings and renovating the old ones to make them more conducive and attractive to tenants which will later generate more income for the Kingdom, promotion of tourism which is one of the most profit making service yet it does not require much investment, agriculture which is the main activity for most people in Buganda and boosting Kabaka’s security.

Katikkiro Eng J.B. Walusimbi last week assured everyone in Buganda and across the world that Buganda Kingdom will fully participate in this year’s Ttabamiruka conference which will take place in Boston, Massachusetts.

Walusimbi said the Kingdom will be fully represented by a delegation led by the 1st Deputy Katikkiro Amb E.L Ssendaula who will be accompanied by Members of Parliament from Buganda, with Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi as their chairperson.

Walusimbi explained that in the efforts to promote unity among leaders at different levels, the Kingdom had chosen to engage Buganda Parliamentary Caucus in all developmental ventures of the Kingdom for the good of the people in Buganda.

He explained further that this year’s Ttabamiruka Conference will run under the theme “One Buganda United” (Buganda Bumu) a campaign spear headed by the Kabaka of Buganda which he set off when he initiated and launched Buganda Bumu drum geared at uniting his subjects for a better Buganda.

Katikkiro Walusimbi elaborated further that other major concerns in this year’s Ttabamiruke Conference will center on promoting education and health services among the people of Buganda whereby organizers want to see that the Kingdom extends modern health services to her people through the introduction of a mobile health clinic van.

The conference will also help Buganda’s Muteesa I Royal University source for more friends and sponsors to help spearhead its development plans.

Katikkiro furthermore expressed concern over the degenerating morals among people in Buganda and urged everyone to stand firm and protect the Kiganda culture.

He cited introduction ceremonies in Buganda, which he said have deviated from the cultural angle, to a business angle which he condemned for greatly impacting on the Kiganda traditions and norms.

Walusimbi stressed that it is through culture that the Baganda differ from other people across the world and directed the committee on culture to liaise with the ministry of culture to come up with a report on how best this issue can be handled to revive the native morals among people in Buganda.

Katikkiro Walusimbi also condemned some leaders who misuse their cultural positions to mislead others.

He cited the incident of referring to the Prime Minister under the central government as Katikkiro which he clarified that it is wrong.

He explained that the term ‘Katikkiro’ is a cultural title in Buganda and for one to become Katikkiro, he must fulfills several cultural norms and values that are clearly understood by everyone in Buganda.


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