Renewed Threat Of Al-Shabaab Terror Attack On Uganda

dosage information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>“Information has been received on the dispatch of a team of seven Al-Shabaab operatives from Somalia to Uganda to carry out terror activities, ” said police spokesperson Simon Kuteesa.

The suspected terrorists hiding in East Africa are Abdul Malim; Abdul Gadusi Haji Dahir; Abdul Wahas Muhamed Kulmye and Jammac Abdikadir Farah.

Others are Sulaiman Abdulla Raggi; Faisal Siyad Abubaker; and Mohamed Nuru Kassim Warasame.

“Two of them Abdul Malim and Abdul Gadusi Haji Dahir are reported to be already in the country while the other five are still in Kenya,” said Kuteesa.

“The public are warned to take extra caution on their personal security and surroundings. They should be vigilant, observant and suspicious of people, objects, motor vehicles and other characters around them,” he said.

Al Shabaab in 2011 bombed two Kampala nightspots, killing over 76 civilians.

Since then, police and other security organs have been quipped and trained in counter terrorism operations.

“The public is warned to report any suspicious objects and persons around them on the following toll free police telephone lines,” said Kuteesa.

The Police spokesman told press at the Kampala police headquarters on Saturday afternoon that the terrorists evade detection by changing their identification particulars.

“Now that the national events set for the Uganda @ 50 anniversary celebrations are nearing, these terror groups are doing anything possible to destabilize the region,” said Kuteesa.

He attributed the infiltration of terrorists in East Africa to insufficient security coordination among member states.

He said security agencies are working around the clock to seize the dangerous men.


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