Mbabazi: Daily Monitor Planning To Destabilize Uganda

web geneva; font-size: small;”>Speaking at the Capital Gang radio talk show on Capital Fm on Saturday morning, side effects Mbabazi said he had held discussions with the management of Nation Media Group (NMG) on “writing fiction that there is a wedge between me and Yoweri Museveni” but his efforts have been fruitless.

“The Daily Monitor and Nation Media Group (NMG) have a political agenda against me and government of National Resistance Movement. I have discussed this matter with not only Monitor but also NMG Empire,” said Mbabazi.

“They have a plan of destabilizing Uganda. Yes, destabilizing Uganda. Definitely.

That’s the policy they have adopted. You know I have taken them to court but I will be taking other measures in defense of myself and the nation,” threatened the Prime Minister.

Mbabazi was responding to a question on the authenticity of reports that he had fallen out of Museveni’s favour.

“I have not fallen out with the president. This has been a subject of fiction writing by Monitor and Red Pepper which don’t like me. Red Pepper thinks they can thrive on fiction writing. Those lies are manufactured by ill-intentioned people,” he clarified.

This is the latest blunt attack on a media house by a top government official.

One of the discussants on the talk show, Ibrahim Nganda, expressed shock that Mbabazi could threaten a media house on a national radio.

“I have known Mbabazi for a very long time; I did not expect him to make such a threat,” said Nganda.

Monitor recently published a story that police had grilled Amama Mbabazi over undeclared NRM funds, allegations police boss Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura later vehemently refuted.

Mbabazi sought an apology from the Monitor, a request that was turned down thus sparking a legal battle between the premier and the newspaper.

The East African newspaper also recently reported that Museveni had fallen out with Mbabazi, who is considered the president’s most trusted and right-hand man.

“The bad news for them (Monitor) is that it’s not true that I have fallen out with the President. There is no basis. This started during the State of The Nation address when the president, in his address, forgot to mention Prime Minister. This, to them, is evidence of falling out,” he rebuked the newspaper.

“I have a very wide knowledge of this. There is no fall out between us. I know enough and can state that without fear of contradiction. I don’t know any more to say about this alleged fallout,” said Mbabazi.

Mbabazi denied forming a political base within the party, arguing he had no intentions of starting a rival political organization in future.


He also explained that he was ready to leave the NRM Secretary General position if the right procedure of replacement is followed.

“I am the Secretary General (SG) of NRM by a process. I was elected by delegates. I got 6,000 votes. My being a SG is a result of a democratic process and this is not disputed. Even in 2005, we talked about it in NEC and with the president. The position of SG especially in circumstances where the structure of secretariat is not full constituted, a lot of his time is required for bureaucratic work of the party.”

“The President and I have no difference. A Secretary General, as the position is, who performs democratic functions of the party, would have little time to do other things – which is true,” he noted.

Mbabazi said NRM can adopt another option of ANC where the SG is a paid bureaucratic to do the work of the party.

“But the SG of NRM is not like that. What we need to do is to revisit this position as NRM. Do we need an SG who is political or a bureaucratic one? If we choose to have a bureaucratic one we need to change constitution, have elections and even appoint fully paid bureaucrats for the secretariat like directors for mobilization, information, administration, finance, cadre identification and recruitment.”

This SG, according to Mbabazi, would devote time to the party work.

Mbabazi maintained that if NRM was to win an election in 2016, the NRM would have to deliver public services with perfection.

“NRM was elected on a manifesto and promised service delivery. We shall be implementing its pledges. The PM does the work of coordination, monitoring and evaluation. It’s a full time job that needs a lot of attention,” he said.

“I am not dieing to have both. The story that I am insecure in the position of Prime Minister if I relinquished the SG position is wrong. As a cadre, and a disciplined one, I perform what my party assigns me to do. If a party thinks I should just preside over government programmes to deliver services, I have no problem with that,” said Mbabazi.

“That’s not a big bother to me. Everyone should know that the NRM election fortune lies in delivery of public services. If it does not deliver public services then we will lose. We are determined for 2016,” maintained the prime minister.

He also rebuked the opposition which has for long used the “Mubarak thing” (protests) to topple government, saying, “It doesn’t work here and I am surprised they stick to it.”

He said to end the debate surrounding the SG saga was to do “some in-house rearrangement in terms of constitution provisions in order to meet what we desire to have.”


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