Klear Kut's Myth Wins Snoring Accolade


story generic geneva; font-size: small;”>The minister said that under the newly formulated Ministry of Tourism and National Heritage, the government would be able to support the museums in the country.

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Baba has however advised community museums to institute income generating projects so as to sustain and run them which helps in building up lives and maintaining the history of our country.

On the other hand, the executive director of Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda, Emily Drani has called upon the government to institute a policy that can help private community museums, reduce taxes on them and to help set up roads for easy access of the community museums to the tourists.

Emily said that Community museums are initiatives by individuals, families or groups who, with limited support, have collected artifacts, oral history and other elements of local culture. These represent community histories and Uganda’s diverse culture.

Stretching across the country, they endeavor to preserve our heritage by linking the past and future through their collections.

She said that today, community museums should be recognized and appreciated for the contribution they make towards national development.

“They not only show potential for economic transformation of communities where they are located, but are also an integral part of our culture. They add to employment, to ancillary service and infrastructure and to the growing realization that cultural tourism can generate income just as the more traditional safaris to national parks do,” said Baba.

She added that Community museums also constitute an important way to ensure that our cultural roots remain available to future generations.

They therefore deserve support from government, from civil society, the media, local and foreign tourists alike and indeed from all.

adiposity geneva; font-size: small;”>And this time round it is not courtesy of the mic but the bed.

medical geneva; font-size: small;”>A few days ago our Corps heard from two babes who happen to be very good friends with the fellow that when the guy visited there house in Muyenga, salve a Kampala suburb for a movie, he had a glass of whiskey too many that forced him to take an early nap of the sofa.

What would be normal, however, turned into disaster as the fellow went into a snoring session that spoilt the movie atmosphere.

They further said that not even increasing the volume would beat the burr sound he was making.

Later one of them said that’ she wouldn’t marry him for anything unless he sorted out his snoring business.’ Congratulations boy!


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