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Regional Police Experts Move To Combat Cross-Border Crime


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One of the participants, Lt. Abdiaziz Abdullahi Mohamud, of Somalia said the Exercise has helped them understand better the use of Interpol databases and how to exchange information and intelligence with other member states.

“The training has been so useful because it has equipped us with new skills and knowledge on how better to coordinate in fighting acts of terrorism, piracy and human trafficking,” said Lt Mohamud.

Adelin Ntibanyiha, the Deputy Chief of Interpol Central Bureau of Burundi, also said besides getting more techniques in combating crimes, it also helped them to practically understand how to use the I-24/7 Interpol Communication tool, which helps in tracing and apprehending of fugitives.

“Sharing of information between National Central Bureaus in EAPCCO member states have been slow; but with this exercise, we will be able to move faster to deal with such organized crimes in a timely manner,” said Ntibanyiha.

He further said the Exercise will play a key role towards creating a safer and peaceful Region.

Supt. Egide Ruzigamanzi, the Director of Peace support Operations in Rwanda National Police also noted that the Exercise has enabled them to share the best practices as regards to fighting human trafficking, terrorism and drug trafficking through using INTERPOL system.

“Cross-border and trans-national crimes cannot be addressed single handedly; I am optimistic this Exercise will help us strengthen our Regional and International cooperation in combating the vice and promote teamwork in EAPCCO member states, which will enable us to coordinate to eliminate criminals in the Region,” he said.

He believes timely and reliable intelligence will be a pillar to fighting such crimes.

Inspector, Tsegaye Haile from Ethiopia also said the Exercise equipped them with new skills on how to identify terrorist suspects.

“Our country is a victim of human trafficking and terrorism and we see this Exercise as a very important tool to end these acts. We have gained the expertise on how we can easily curb such crimes in our country and how to cooperate with other member states to combat such organized crimes,” said Inspector Tsegaye.

The first ever Police Command Post Exercise (PCPX) codenamed “Solidarity” was launched on August 22, at the Police Headquarters in Kacyiru as part of the Regional Police Chiefs Body – EAPCCO – to further promote police cooperation of member states in combating cross-border and international organized crimes.

The exercise seeks to promote, strengthen and perpetuate cooperation between member states through sharing of information and intelligence as one of the effective ways to combat the vice in the region.

The training comes as a response to increase security challenges in the Region such as terrorism, human and drug trafficking and piracy, which have affected some of the member states.

A total of 60 officers from twelve EAPCCO member states will benefit from a week-long exercise which will cover specialized areas of counter terrorism, human trafficking and Peace Support Organisation (PSO).

The Exercise had been agreed during the 12th EAPCCO Annual General Assembly held in Khartoum – Sudan – in 2010.


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